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Writing Around the Table Using My Values

Updated: May 24, 2022

Diana Reyers, Founder of Daring to Share Global™

When I discovered that most of my personal torment came from not having clarity about my values, I was in awe about how much of an impact discovering the intention behind them had on my perception about, well, everything!! I knew I had values, but I had no idea how to articulate them or consciously apply them to decision-making. Being able to use them as guide-posts to confidently show up in my life and my writing representing who I am from my inner essence has and continues to be life-changing.

The second step in the workbook offers the opportunity to, not only discover which top values motivate you to do, say, and be who you are as an authentic and unique individual, but it also elevates that process by asking you to be curious about how you feel emotionally when you are leading, living, and writing aligned with them - total deal-breaker when it comes to being fully present within life and on the page. Working through this topic gave me permission to write about someone and something I was finding difficult to articulate, but using my value of respect for self and others cemented what and how I wanted to share this piece.


Excerpt from Around the Table: Daring to Share My Perception

"My apparent first perception of love began with my initial interactions with my parents. As a baby and young child, I naturally determined that the security established through the nurturing bond with my mother became my initial definition of love. She met my physical requirements and provided me with the emotional comfort I required. I felt loved by her because she met all my immediate needs with her breast milk, affection, and the time she spent doting on me. My father expressed his love differently than my mother by providing his family with the financial income that bought the items we needed to survive, a house, food, clothes, and any of the extra things that I was fortunate to receive and enjoy. My mother took those things and planned a home life, meals, outfits, and she purchased items that we didn’t necessarily need but that brought us joy. My mother also created experiences like family game nights and vacations at rental cottages. I resonated more with my mother’s love because she was the means to everything that I tangibly enjoyed back then. Alternatively, I didn’t have the cognitive ability to recognize or value the pragmatic way my father shared his love. His focus was on paying bills and carrying the heavy burden of providing for his family - I had no emotional connection to the functional acts he undertook. I connected deeply with my mother because she was my emotional and spiritual source, and I resonated with how she made me feel when we were together – that is what created the connection that translated into a love for her and me. I have always been very sensory, and in tune with my emotional self, so she became the person I went to when I needed comforting or consoling and when I wanted to experience adventure or joy."

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