Daring to Share

Deception to Truth

The scope of the deception you are about to experience will take you to doubt and despair, while the discovery of truth these 10 men and women courageously commit to will restore your

faith in what is possible.

Diana Reyers Introduces

10 authors | 10 chapters | 10 stories

Excerpt from Daring to Share Deception to Truth

Chapter 3 by Anne Murphy ~ Compassion

I was adopted at the age of fourteen months and had been in the foster care system most of that time. Grandpa, my adoptive dad's father, was a diagnosed sexual psychopath who committed suicide at the age of sixty-five. We were all led to believe that he died in his sleep from a heart attack but the truth came out not long after my cousin uttered those four fateful words into the phone. Our family was filled with secrets and lies, secrets that many people went to great lengths to ensure stayed good and buried, never to see the light of day. Not only was dad's father a Grand Master Freemason, but he was also a teacher, a school principal, and a church choir leader. He loved carpentry and was known to make beautiful pieces of furniture. In the summer, he operated an onion farm with the help of the entire family. Many people in town believed he was quite an upstanding citizen. Unknown to most, he was involved in other activities as a seasoned career pedophile of the worst kind. I can only imagine the vast number of victims he harmed over his lifetime before he ended this depravity by taking his own life.

I always knew something horrific happened to me by his hands. All along, there were many fragments of memories I had that pointed to the fact I had become one of his victims. I believe it started immediately upon my adoption as he operated that way. Grandpa seemed to abuse those who were not related by blood. My cousin's mother was adopted into dad's family at age five and her abuse started after she moved into their home. It was many years later that she moved in with them again with her two kids, one of them being my cousin. The torture for that cousin began soon after they moved in.         

My earliest memory of abuse is before the age of two years old. I had partial memories of it happening in the bathroom, the basement, the den, in his bedroom and in the bedroom I shared with my sister any time we stayed with them. He abused me while my sister lay sleeping in the bed beside. He almost always used a penknife or a letter opener to threaten me with harm if I ever told anyone. He followed this same pattern with my cousin and her mother. I tried to tell mom on a few different occasions but she just said, That can't have happened. She would then shut down and turn away from me.


I encourage you, dear reader, to put on your jammies, pour yourself a beverage, get a snack, get comfortable in your favourite spot, and immerse yourself in the journey these authors are inviting you to. Revel in their victories and overcome their setbacks.

We are all part of the human experience. Join us.

~ Scott De Freitas-Graff 

Co-Author, Daring to Share,

Volume One 

Diana embraces a journey of stories from a unique group of individuals who are exposing themselves naked in this book with raw scenarios and experiences they have dealt with in their lives and how it has affected them mentally, physically, and emotionally. They are brave souls who have opened up and are sharing their private lives to readers …

~ Janet Walmsley

Actress & Author of The Autistic Author

and Animator

The stories are heart-warming and genuine, a very good read. ​ I especially like the one near the end on the challenges of being indoctrinated into religion.

~ Steven Haylestrom

Amazon Review

Deception to Truth, Volume 2 (Paperback)

Deception to Truth, Volume 2 (Paperback)

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Meet the Authors 

  • IMG_5546_JPG.webp

    Chapter 1: Love

    Kelly Sweet

    Kelly is a warrior mom. And rightfully so given what she faced and who she was fighting for – her son. This lady will not compromise her integrity when it comes to supporting herself, as well as her family to live beyond just emotional survival.

  • Thomas cropped.webp

    Chapter 2: Righteousness

    Thomas Fournier

    Thomas feels when he experiences that deep knowing of what is right and what is wrong for himself and others. He is extraordinarily emotionally and socially intelligent for a young man of his age.  Thomas is going to make a profound difference in others’ lives; I believe he has only just begun….

  • Anne Final book and website.webp

    Chapter 3: Compassion

    Anne Murphy

    If there are miracles, Anne Murphy is one of the most significant kinds. But Anne will tell you that she is a survivor and she had a few helpers along the way. This story is one that will take you to a place of complete disbelief and then to amazement.

  • fullsizeoutput_45e5.webp

    Chapter 4: Contentment

    Angela Allen

    Angela is a deep thinker and an even deeper feeler; this Italian mama can be incredibly serious and unafraid of having that meaningful conversation most fear greatly. Her integrity is immeasurable as she always makes the decision that equally serves everyone involved.

  • chels hippy 1_edited.webp

    Chapter 5: Intuition

    Chelsey Marie

    This young lady is wise beyond her years and her self-confidence naturally mentors others simply by the way she shows up. Unwavering in her beliefs, Chelsey Marie has learned to trust her values as guideposts by paying attention when they present.

  • Shri's Photo_edited.webp

    Chapter 6: Inspiration

    Shri Ananda

    Shri is an author and videographer extraordinaire. Along with these attributes, he provides anyone who has the privilege to cross his path with his blessing of unconditional loving-kindness.

  • fullsizeoutput_4823.webp

    Chapter 7: Worthiness

    Tracey Greenwood

    Tracey is an amazing listener. One side of her is always calm and collected as she makes time to provide an ear for others in need. Her other side is feisty, enthusiastic and ready to get shit done. Put that all together and you get someone who will stop at nothing to advocate for everyone and everything that is right and just.

  • Janice%20Final%20book%20and%20website_ed

    Chapter 8: Freedom

    Janice Selbie

    Janice is an advocate of choice and the freedom that comes with choosing what is right for you. She understands the ramifications of not being provided the option to discover who you are or what you believe as a child who grew up controlled by religion.

  • Standing in the Rain

    Chapter 9: Acceptance 

    Lawrence Mitchell

    Lawrence struggled greatly and somehow found the resilience to climb out of the depths of trauma, addiction, and chronic illness with incredible self-awareness. He is our one anonymous author and if everyone moved from the same place of love and kindness, this world would be a much better place where no one would have to hide who they are while sharing their story.

  • Elle Ana Nadeau FINAL FINAL FINAL.webp

    Chapter 10: Childlike Faith

    Elle Ana Nadeau

    Elle is a creative thinker, feeler, and doer. When at her best, she combines these attributes in a beautifully balanced blend that provides her with the universe’s eloquent gift of believing and having faith. She is an impactful mindful mentor, a wisdom warrior and a loving lioness all wrapped up in one. 

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