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This heartfelt collection shares stories moving the narrators from past initial torment through to acute self-awareness, then bravely on to the deserving destination of celebrating their truth.

Diana Reyers Introduces 

8 authors| 8 chapters | 8 Stories

Excerpt from Daring to Share There to Here

Chapter 6 by Donna Fitzgerald ~ Calm

I began to unlock my abuse when I, simultaneously, began my journey of self-discovery. Being abused at such a young age, I locked the memories and emotions away to survive.  I have yet to find clarity about why. I have retained the knowledge that the abuse happened, along with some memories, but I believe that I locked away the severity and frequency to protect the little girl within me. There is so much research and many theories about this, but I don’t think it matters anymore.  What I do know is that being abused by my father had an immense impact on the person I was and the woman that I have become; more than anyone will ever know. He was someone who was supposed to guide and support me and act as the leader and head of my family. Not only was my childhood taken away from me, but my way of being as an adult evolved into a woman and mother whose role was greatly shaped by the victim of abuse I became. I now know the abuse as a child stifled my light, and I became a shy, insecure child who always wanted to please others. It changed who I am, and my mother added to this transformation by choosing not to protect me. 

 It is difficult to determine what is worse, the abuse that my father bestowed upon me or the protection I was deprived of by my mother. Working on understanding and accepting her role in me hiding my authentic and true self has been a work in progress to say the least. As a child, I initially and intuitively trusted that my mother would be there to nurture and defend me. I did not have the words or the emotional ability to express that this abuse was wrong. It was not until I was an adult and had made the decision to find myself that I was able to begin to interpret and understand her perspective. I was initially confused, and then deeply hurt as I started the process of unblocking and working through all aspects of working through this chaos.  I did not understand why she would turn her back on me.  This piece of the puzzle is the most difficult to solve because, as any victim of abuse will tell you, the why is much more difficult to gain clarity about than the actual act. At some point, I just stopped trying to understand these parts, and decided to love and protect myself; I knew I could count on me, and I had to be enough so that I could continue existing in this world. 


...Amazed pleasantly as if I am observing snowflakes fall to the ground and yet defy the expectation of melting, I absorb the phenomenal courage by those who pour open the depths of their souls in these beautiful stories before you which you now have the opportunity to share.

I applaud them.

~ Diane Ladd, Actress | Director | Writer

International Award Winner, including

British Academy Award and

3X Oscar Nominee.

Inspiring stories shared by these 8 brave men and women reflect an intuitive calling to surrender to the truth within. Truth is a funny little word that has depths so deep we can’t see them at first glance so, we have to walk toward them, into them, to know them. It takes suffering, strength and courage to walk this road with eyes wide open...

you will find yourself, here.

~ Heather Haynes

Artist and Philanthropist | Owner of Heather Haynes Gallery | Creator of the Walls of Courage | Founder of

Worlds Collide Africa

...Growth can happen alone or through simple conversations with strangers; we all have a story to tell, and through that sharing we grow. Nobody better exemplifies this than Ms. Reyers and her ability to draw human souls together as one by the simple act of sharing and conversation.

~ Jim Gardiner

Conscious Warrior | Coach | Stategist

TV host and creator of

The Inspirational 30


There to Here, Volume 1 (Paperback)

There to Here, Volume 1 (Paperback)

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Meet the Authors 

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    Diana Reyers

    Chapter 1: Love

    Diana is a driven, pragmatic, passionate person with a loving and caring heart. She will fight for you as fiercely as for herself as she advocates for equality and inclusion. Her mandate is connection, and her enthusiasm for storytelling along with her contagious smile create just that.

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    Scott De Freitas-Graff

    Chapter 2: Integrity

    Scott is someone who forgives easily and loves unconditionally. He exceeds what most are capable of within the realm of compassion for others. He truly sees the best in everyone, sometimes to his detriment. He truly accepts others unconditionally; he is a true beacon of Loving Kindness.

  • 06e5fd_0eed4e3fe6a94be6b97694652e74b3f2_

    John De Freitas

    Chapter 3: Belonging

    John is a soulful and selfless individual, choosing to support the underdog through adversity. He is a person of deep intuition, a sort of mystical man who feels everything and everyone. His aura equates to an equilibrium of acceptance with those in his presence always feeling they are loved.

  • 06e5fd_8431df25a26940dd962a40d70209cc07_

    Shaunna Christison

    Chapter 4: Faith

    If God needed a template of a good person, Shaunna would fit the mold. Some might describe Shaunna as the Queen of Positivity but, she will tell you that she is just filled with immense gratitude as she uses her faith to guide her.

  • 06e5fd_4a006dd9cc904136aa76a818a8a91fbc_

    Wendy Mah

    Chapter 5: Grace

    Wendy accepts her past and her lessons learned with dignity and grace. She commits to her destiny of making the right choice every minute of every day. Wendy is a hero within the chaos of this world.

  • Donna%20and%20Matt_edited.webp

    Donna Fitzgerald

    Chapter 6: Calm

    Donna has a sense of calm about her as she perseveres through each hardship that comes her way with the utmost grace and humility. She never presents as a victim and is always filled with gratitude.

  • 06e5fd_d6294188e0b14444ba0d6987c22f5ac2_

    Tana Heminsley

    Chapter 7: Inner Peace

    Tana models what it means to lead with integrity, to place ego on the shelf and delve deep into self-discovery. Amidst all the adversity and the chaos of the unknown in this universe, she taps into self-love and love for others to evolve as a better person. 

  • A76C1316-CD77-4058-8805-9C52B599250F.jpe

    Diana Reyers

    Chapter 8: Truth

    Diana is a human advocate passionate about sharing the truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be. She knows that when a story is told person to person, the spark of connection is ignited and the magic of human kindness takes us to what is truly real.

    Diana is Daring to Share...

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