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Diana Reyers is an Author, Authenticity Coach and Human Advocate. She considers herself an equal amongst humanity. Diana knows that committing to leading an authentic life requires great courage and can be lonely at times. Using truth as her guide, she is empowered to show up as her best self, void of self-deception and judgement. Her greatest victory is persevering past false perceptions in order to experience connection by escaping the chaos of expectation, a place so dark she often felt she would never be freed from its imprisonment.

As a storyteller and writer, Daringly Mindful Diana shares her stories of grabbing her courage to choose personal truth while disclosing all the trade-offs along the way. She celebrates her victories and, unapologetically includes her U-turns and imperfections with humour, humility and grace. Diana Reyers Connects Humanity Through The Art of Storytelling by bravely sharing 8 brave souls' stories through her Daring to Share Book and Event series. Diana, Scott De Freitas-Graff and John De Freitas continuously collaborate to impact others with their inspirational Movement. Together, We Are Daring to Share.