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Daring to Share Your Story

Writing & Self-Publishing Program

As the Founder of Daring to Share Global, Diana Reyers has developed a program supporting individuals to write, edit, and self-publish their memoirs while, simultaneously, moving through the process of

Authentic Self-Discovery.

Diana Reyers and her team collaboratively work 1:1 with you through 4 to 8 months of online coaching, guiding you through this successfully proven, self-discovery and writing MasterClass Program that includes your copy of our 12-step workbook and life-time access to our video series:

Daring to Share Your Story:

An Authentic Writing Guide 

The Daring to Share Team


Diana Reyers

Founder, Daring to Share Global

Best-Selling Author | Editor | Publisher

Daring to Share Authenticity Self-Publishing Coach

Daring to Share Authentic Writing Coach

Authentic Leadership Global™

Program & Conversation™ Facilitator

DonandScottraw 524.jpg

Scott De Freitas-Graff

The Inspiration Behind the DTS Movement

Collaborative Author, There to Here

Backbone of the In-Person & Virtual
Book Launch Events as the DTS Master of Ceremonies.


Olli Vidal

As Daring to Share’s Cover Illustrator Extraordinaire, Olli fully immerses themself in your self-discovery journey to effectively communicate your feelings, your passions,

story through their vision. 


Julie Gauthier

DTS Authentic Writing Coach;
DTS Authentic Author Program Coach;
Authentic Leadership Global™
Program & Conversation™ Facilitator


Corey Laine Hilton

DTS Authentic Writing Coach;
DTS Authentic Author Program Coach;
Authentic Leadership Global™
Program & Conversation™ Facilitator

Greg Salisbury Portrait_edited.jpg

Greg Salisbury

As a master typesetter with over 20 years experience, Greg provides you with a final proof for approval before your manuscript  goes to print. He is your Canadian Book Distributor of choice as the owner of Red Tuque Books

Diana has given me the strength to share my story without reservation. When any fears or concerns of mine came up, Diana shared a positive outlook; this helped disentangle my belief system of seeing myself in such a negative way. I needed this to continue being vulnerable throughout my story. 

~ Bristol Debowski

Co-Author, Daring to Share

Chaos to Calm:

Awakenings Through Covid 

It has been my distinct honour to work with Diana in a professional capacity for the last seven months. This woman embodies the exact philosophy that she teaches, Authenticity. She has coached me through some hard experiences and taken time, care, and patience with me as I formulate my thoughts to pages. 

~ Candace Chisholm,

CEO and Co-Founder,

He Changed It | She Changed It 


She Changed Me:

One Ordeal; Two Perspectives

The Daring To Share writing program created by the amazing Diana Reyers is more than just a way to get your story down on paper. As it is correctly called, it is a journey of self-discovery. It provides the structure that is needed to tell your story in a meaningful and creative way.

~ Erin LeBlanc,

LGBTQ Advocate


Stranger in the Mirror:

The Search for Me 



The Daring to Share

Way of Writing


The intention of the Daring to Share method of writing is to find the courage to dig deep within your authenticity to articulate your story and your truth with confidence and ease—to release that which is manifesting within you by experiencing the expansive process of trusting and using your voice through the power of writing.

Whether you decide to write about a specific segment of your life or wish to include your entire life story, Diana's writing and publishing experience, along with her effective authenticity coaching expertise, will provide you with the personal decisiveness you need to create a published masterpiece. You may choose to share your legacy with family, friends, or the entire world while inspiring and supporting others with your new-found wisdom. Or, you may prefer to place your memoir on a shelf to be absorbed and inspired by future generations.


Are You Ready To Write And Publish Your Memoirs With Diana? 

Connect With Her To Schedule A 30 Minute Virtual Coffee & Conversation.


Daring to Share Global
Self-Published Authors

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