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The Authentic Book Club

Choose your In-Person (Kingston, ON),

or Virtual Book Club (Globally)

offering Self-Discovery Conversations™ and Tools & Practices,

supporting Authenticity in all areas of your life.


Join Diana as she facilitates this 12-week cathartic process with

your private group of 6 friends, parents, or partners,

 inspiring Awakenings that lead to Awareness and then Action towards leading and living your newly-discovered

Authentic Self

The Book Club Provides

12 Chapters | 12 Worksheets | 12 Conversations™


3 Empowering Tools Inspiring Authentic Relationships:

  • Awakenings, Creating Heightened Self-Discovery

  • Awareness, Inspiring Reflective Conversations™

  • Action, Supporting Clarity about Authentic Living

This Step-by-Step Process Includes:

  • Absorbing Diana's story while reading weekly chapters from her memoir, Around the Table: Escaping the Cycle of Insanity.

  • Creating awakenings while working through weekly worksheets in the Daring to Share Self-Discovery workbook.

  • Shifting your awakenings to heightened self-awareness while engaging in weekly discussions where Diana facilitates Conversations™ that naturally create clarity about who you are as an authentic person!!

  • Choosing to show up decisively within relationships, leading and living as your new-found authentic self with confidence and ease.

Book Your 12-Week In-Person or Virtual Group 

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Diana Reyers is Founder of Daring to Share Global™

An Emotional Trauma Survivor,

Pragmatic Self-Discovery Coach,

 Authentic Leadership Global™ Program and Conversation™ Facilitator, as well as the Author, Editor, and Publisher of several Best-Selling Books. 

She passionately inspires others to

step into their inherent personality characteristics within relationships by finding clarity about how they choose to step into the ease of leading and living life within their

newly-discovered authentic self



Authentic Book Club 

In-Person or Virtually


12 Weekly Conversations

$299 plus applicable taxes per person 

Includes Book Club Package

Creating Authentic Connection
By Discovering
How You Want to Show Up Within Your Relationships
While, Simultaneously, Inspiring Others'


Invite 6 Individuals

 with Diana Reyers as Your Facilitator,
CEO of Daring to Share Global,
Authentic Leadership Global
Facilitator and Author of
the Book Club Best Selling Memoir,

Around the Table:
Escaping the Cycle of Insanity


12 Chapters | 12 Conversations | 12 Worksheets

Beginning January, 2023

I have known Diana Reyers for over a decade and have always thought of her as a courageous, vulnerable, inspiring leader. And now I know more of the backstory of how she became the remarkable woman that she is. Hers is an exquisitely heartbreaking, brave, enlightening exploration of her roots, the origins of her inner critic, her familial behaviour patterning and the courageous self-reflection and personal growth to become the authentic woman she is today.

I saw parts of myself in her story, and I imagine you will too.

A spellbinding read and an inspiration for your own personal self-discovery and journey of growth. 

Laura Mack, MBA

CEO at Authentic Leadership Global, Inc.

Reading “Around the Table” opened my eyes to the hierarchy of parental control and the unique perception and interpretation of each child’s experience and how this shapes their beliefs into adulthood. A greater understanding of families and generational trauma and control that often changes within the place you land within your family dynamic often determines the degree of dysfunction...


Donna Fitzgerald, Bestselling Author

Creative Healing Through Transformation:

Conversations with my Soul