Diana Reyers
Authenticity & Writing Coach

The Daring to Share Your Story
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This writing program differentiates from others as Diana coaches you through an additional self-discovery component that supports writing a truly authentic memoir. The Daring to Share way of writing  requires having a deep knowing of self, along with the clarity required to share how you feel within your story in a moral and ethical way while, simultaneously, honouring yourself and others in your story.

Your heightened self-awareness supports you to do this

with more confidence and ease.

The DTS MasterClass Writing Series 
By Diana Reyers

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This is your opportunity to commit to the same step-by-step process that over 40 Daring to Share authors used as you authentically write and edit the first

draft of your 8-chapter memoir with

Diana Reyers guiding you in the

comfort of your home.


The Daring to Share Your Story:

An Authentic Writing Guide

process seamlessly weaves Diana’s deep expertise and sage voice together with time-tested tools and techniques in a unique and thought-provoking, yet approachable way. For me, it led to an entirely fresh outlook on my writing, inspired a renewed path of self-discovery, and reinforced support for my soul that I expect will endure long past the journaling experience.

~ Michelle Hohn

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Diana Reyers

Diana Reyers is an Authentic Leadership Global™ Program and Conversation facilitator, an Authenticity & Writing Coach,  and the Founder of

Daring to Share Global™

She is a Human Advocate who is passionate about inspiring others to share their truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be. She knows that when we trust our story, we become empowered to share it and a spark of connection is ignited; the magic of storytelling takes us to compassion and empathy, and an amplified feeling of human-kindness for self and others is created.

Tana Heminsley

Tana is an Author, the Founder of Authentic Leadership Global™

as well as a retired, award-winning Leadership Coach. Tana has more than 35 years of business and leadership experience, is a thought-leader in the area of Authentic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence and has been researching and practicing mindfulness for more than 15 years.

She is the creator of the original  Authentic Leadership Global™ Conversation Worksheets, and provides you with Tana's Tips at the beginning of each topic and video in this MasterClass Series

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