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Daring to Share Your Story:
An Authentic Writing Guide

This collaborative program incorporates Authenticity and Writing, two passions of authors, Diana Reyers and Tana Heminsley. Each of these influencer’s life’s work supports the other’s, inspiring you to move forward through your process of self-discovery, simultaneously supporting you to write your story, your memoir, a legacy to leave behind and inspire others

Self-Pace | Step-by-Step | Self-Guide


A Self-Discovery and Memoir-Writing Guide Used by

The Authors of Daring to Share Global Publishing

Diana Reyers,
founder of Daring to Share Global Author, Editor, & Publisher of the Daring to Share series; DTS Authentic Writing Coach; Authentic Leadership Global™ Program & Conversation Facilitator
Tana Heminsley,
 founder of Authentic Leadership Global™ Author  & Publisher of the Awaken Your Authentic Leadership series and EASE Amidst Challenging Times: Simple Practices For Inner Peace Beyond COVID

The Daring To Share writing program created by the amazing Diana Reyers is more than just a way to get your story down on paper. As it is correctly called, it is a journey of self-discovery. It provides the structure that is needed to tell your story in a meaningful and creative way…

~ Erin LeBlanc

Author of Stranger in the Mirror:

The Search for Me

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I am a true testament to this writing program... Some were meant to write, journaling all their innermost feelings, revelling in the pain and beauty of every waking moment. That’s not me… Diana taught me that, not only was writing cathartic, it was also a wonderfully harrowing process. From a word, to sentences, to pages, to the realization that my writings have power! I am a writer!

~ Stacie Royds-Kirkpatrick

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

The Daring to Share program is a unique and supportive writing program. I learned to write from my heart, not my ego. It teaches forgiveness, kindness, non-judgement and helps you reveal your story from your soul. Diana is very supportive and helps guide you through your writing process from beginning…

~ Maureen Rooney

RN, Trauma & Paediatric Nurse

Daring to Share Contributing Author

Author, A Child’s Nightcap:

My Soul’s Survival Story

Severn, Ontario, Canada

An Authentic Writing Guide (Paperback)

An Authentic Writing Guide (Paperback)

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    Diana Reyers

    Diana Reyers is an Authentic Leadership Global™ Program and Conversation facilitator and the founder of Daring to Share Global.™  She is a Human Advocate passionate about inspiring others to share their truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be. She knows that when we trust our story, we become empowered to share it and a spark of connection is ignited; the magic of storytelling takes us to compassion and empathy, and an amplified feeling of human-kindness is created.

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    Tana Heminsley

    Tana is an Author, the Founder of Authentic Leadership Global™ as well as a retired, award-winning Leadership Coach. Tana has more than 35 years of business and leadership experience, is a thought-leader in the area of Authentic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence and has been researching and practicing mindfulness for more than 15 years.

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