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This writing program differentiates from others as Diana coaches you through an additional self-discovery component that supports writing a truly authentic memoir.

The Daring to Share Way of Writing

requires having a deep knowing of self,

along with the clarity required to share how you feel

within your story in a moral and ethical way while, simultaneously, honouring yourself and others in your story. Your heightened self-awareness supports you

to do this with more confidence and ease.

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Join Those Who Dare to Share
Their Story of
From There to Here

Diana Reyers shares 32 empowering stories, along with excerpts from her upcoming memoir,

Daring to Share My Perception:

All or Nothing

 This collection of collaborative mini-memoirs written by ordinary men and women describes how they found the courage to commit to their authentic selves while moving from a place of feeling stuck to one that comes with the freedom of authentic self-discovery.

Creating Daring to Share Global storytelling through her books, events, and programs, Diana offers her writers, readers, and audience the opportunity to experience the inspiration of storytelling that simultaneously provides awakenings of personal awareness.

Imagine being able to evolve towards your authentic self while writing and publishing the story you have been yearning to share!!


This is the Daring to Share Way...


Are you ready to share your legacy

through the cathartic process of

writing your memoir? 

Memoir-writing provides the ability to move through the cathartic process of releasing a story that is yearning to be heard. Freely sharing that which has been buried deep within creates personal empowerment for the writer along with impactful inspiration for the reader. 


Daring to Share Global™ is pleased to introduce our Publishing House division with Diana Reyers working

with you virtually to write your memoirs

through individual coaching including authentic self-discovery & writing, professional editing,

and self-publishing the Daring to Share way.

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to discover if this is a good fit for you.