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Introducing 6 women who found the courage to share impactful accounts of survival by describing degrees of resilience most cannot imagine committing to.




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Excerpt from Trauma to Recovery Chapter 2 - Trauma to Recovery: Inspiration by DenaMaria Milanese


Early on, a beautiful night-time routine developed after my mother gave me a set of Uncle Arthur’s Bedtime Stories. This special time became a great comfort to me because I believed there was something watching over and protecting me through life within these stories. I read these stories and other fairy tales over and over again; my favourite was Cinderella. While I read, I fantasized about the day my prince would come and take me up one of the mountains to a castle where we would live happily ever after. 


One night when I was nine years old, I went to bed and was molested and raped. My fairy tale fantasy faded away in an instant and my safe haven was destroyed. I was so afraid of the man who did this to me that I froze and was not able to scream for help. My life changed in an instant; I felt damaged, dirty, ugly and disconnected from all aspects of feeling human. To this day, I experience moments when I hear his breath and my body immediately tenses as I respond to the memory of what happened so many years ago.


This sensation sometimes lasts for only a moment, but there are times when it seems endless as I focus on moving past the trauma that caused me to stop believing in God so many years ago.

Trauma to Recovery, Special Edition 2019 (Paperback)

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