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These are the inspiring awakenings received when 8 individuals bravely opened to the bounty of self-discovery and personal evolution beyond the acute disconnection the pandemic of 2020 created, they found amplified connection to themselves, others, and the world




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Excerpt from Daring to Share Chaos to Calm: Awakenings Through Covid - Special Edition 2020 Chapter 2 - Chaos to Calm by Julie Gauthier - Freedom


I feel myself wanting to break free from that awful place of living within the fear of inauthenticity and unworthiness. When I am there, I hide or minimize myself, and that is the purest form of chaos. I want to break free from that space that thrives where the truth is meant to reside but gets hidden behind lies and surrounded by shame. I need to survive this race to be able to tell the tale that one can believe in miracles; the fear is an illusion built in the fort or disempowerment. I want to be open to the mysterious unfolding of my life, discover who I am, someone who is unpretentious and completely valid, even during a pandemic.


Behind this armour I wear, this sturdy silver bulletproof carapace, two strong forces reside in me and fight each other; they are divided into two fierce desires - to live and to die. I question whether or not I should remove this shell that has protected me from being my authentic self for 33 years. It has allowed me to hide my identity because I never wanted anyone to see my skin, my body, and my dying soul. Pleasure, joy, and love were foreign to me and too scary to accept or hope for, while deception, abandonment and rejection were too high a price even to consider. I knew the cost of each side. I knew both choices had consequences, and neither was an easy decision to pick and stick to. Neither would be easy.

Chaos to Calm: Awakenings Through Covid (eBook)


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