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Diana Reyers Introducing the 
2022 Daring to Share
**Submission Deadline Changed to
October 31st**


The DTS Memoir-Writing Contest

$12,000 Value

Enter for the Chance to
Win the In-Person Memoir-Writing
Valued at $12,000

Write, Edit, and Publish*
Your Memoir

Diana Reyers 

Daring to Share Global™

*Optional Publishing is included*


Enter for Your Chance to Work
One-On-One with Diana Reyers,
Founder of Daring to Share Global™

6-X Best Selling Author
Authenticity Coach
Daring to Share Authentic Writing Coach
Editor | Publisher

Amplified Self-Discovery Inspires the Kind of Deep Meaningful Writing 
Your Reader Will Connect With

~Diana Reyers

  • Limited to 100 Entries or Until Supplies Last

  • 5000-Word Submission Deadline: October 31, 2022 

  • 1 Winner Announced: November 30, 2022

  • Daring to Share Your Story Writing Process Begins January 2023

  • Publishing is included but optional with date TBA  

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Included in Your Entry Package 

  • The Motivation to Begin Writing Your Memoir Using the Following Tools!!

  • The Daring to Share Your Story: An Authentic Writing Guide Workbook

  • Lifetime access to the MasterClass Video Series

  • The Daring to Share Your Story Journal

  • The Daring to Share Your Story Book Mark

  • The Daring to Share Your Story Book Bag

  • A Copy of a Best Selling Daring to Share Anthology

  • Sept 1—Oct 31, 2022 Support in the DTS Contest Private Facebook Group

  • Entry Package Shipping Included

Included in the Winning Package

  • Everything in the Entry Package Above, Plus... 

  • 8 Weeks Online, In-Person Self-Discovery & Writing Coaching with Diana Reyers

  •  4 Weeks Authentic Editing Coaching with Diana Reyers

  • Full Substantive Editing by Diana Reyers

  • Book Cover Design by Cover Artist, Olli Vidal

  • Manuscript Typesetting by Greg Salisbury of Red Tuque Books

  • Complete Optional Publishing Package, including ISBN registration with worldwide Distributor and Final Paperback Proof Sent to Your Door 

The Daring to Share program is a unique and supportive writing program. I learned to write from my heart, not my ego. It teaches forgiveness, kindness, non-judgement and helps you reveal your story from your soul. Diana is very supportive and helps guide you through your writing process from beginning to end. Along my writing journey, by following the guidelines in the workbook, my story just flowed and came from my heart. I highly recommend this writing program and will be forever grateful to Diana for her time, support and love. Diana’s passion for writing is palpable and I thank her for helping me tell my story.


~ Maureen Rooney, RN, Trauma & Paediatric Nurse

Best Selling Author,

A Child’s Nightcap: My Soul’s Survival Story



Diana Reyers

Diana Reyers is an Authentic Leadership Global™ Program and Conversation facilitator, an Authenticity & Writing Coach, Editor and the Founder of

Daring to Share Global™

She is a Human Advocate who is passionate about inspiring others to share their truth no matter how uncomfortable it may be. She knows that when we trust our story, we become empowered to share it and a spark of connection is ignited; the magic of storytelling takes us to compassion and empathy, and an amplified feeling of human-kindness for self and others is created.

Tana Heminsley

Tana is an Author, the Founder of Authentic Leadership Global™

as well as a retired, award-winning Leadership Coach. Tana has more than 35 years of business and leadership experience, is a thought-leader in the area of Authentic Leadership and Emotional Intelligence and has been researching and practicing mindfulness for more than 15 years.

She is the creator of the original  Authentic Leadership Global™ Conversation Worksheets, and provides you with Tana's Tips at the beginning of each topic and video in this MasterClass Series