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Daring to Share

Writing Scholarship Program

Do you want to inspire others with your story of daring

to move from a state of Awareness to Action?

Were you born between 2002 & 2012?

Are you open to moving through the cathartic process of

self-discovery to support writing your story?

This initiative is funded by proceeds of

Around the Table:

Escaping the Cycle of Insanity

a Memoir by Diana Reyers

We are seeking applicants born between

2002 and 2012, 

who have experienced emotional trauma and would like to move from despair to decisiveness.

No writing experience is necessary.

Apply for the opportunity to participate in an

 initiative, supporting you

through self-discovery and confidently write your

5000-word story to be published in the

May 2023

Special Edition Anthology 

Daring to Share: Awareness to Action

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Application Requirements:

  1. Must be born between 2002 & 2012 - provide date of birth; provide proof when accepted;

  2. A paragraph describing why you are inspired by this opportunity;

  3. A 3-month commitment beginning January 15, 2023 to write your 5000-word story using the Daring to Share Your Story MasterClass Online Course;

  4.  A commitment to 3 additional 1-hour 1:1 co-editing sessions with Diana Reyers;

  5. To Apply, include all requirements in application contact form below.

  6. Application deadline is October 1, 2022 | 8 successful candidates will be contacted on November 1, 2022

  7. No previous Daring to Share Global™ collaborative authors will be considered.

Our Commitment to Successful Candidates:

  1. Lifetime subscription to the Daring to Share Your Story MasterClass Online Course;

  2. Lifetime access to the Daring to Share Your Story MasterClass video series;

  3. Access to Private Facebook Group: Daring to Share: Delusion to Reality; weekly FB Lives with Diana Reyers;

  4. 3-in-person online (Zoom) editing meetings with Diana Reyers, Founder of Daring to Share Global™

  5. Your story professionally edited and published in the Collaborative Special Edition anthology: Daring to Share: Awareness to Action;

  6. Program begins on January 15, 2023 | Book Publication & Amazon Top 100 Bestseller Book Launch scheduled for May 16, 2023

Why Daring to Share Global?

Our proven authenticity & writing MasterClass program has supported over 40 authors to self-publish their stories

in bestselling collaborative publications. 

Our unique approach combines self-discovery with writing

and is second to none in supporting you to share your 

story in the most authentic way possible. 

The Daring to Share Writing Scholarship Program

is our way of supporting young adults jumpstart an

authentic way of being while sharing your

voice through the written word. 

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What Does It Cost?


This is a collaborative effort between

Daring to Share Global™ and you. 

We provide our experience, expertise,

and proven process

and you provide your inspiration

for others through your story...

It's a win-win!!

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