Daring to Share Your Story

Self-Publishing Program

As a bestselling publisher, editor and author of the Daring to Share series of collaborative books, Diana Reyers offers a program supporting individuals seeking to write their story as a

published memoir.

This program differentiates from others as Diana works

with you through 24 hours of online in-person, one-on-one

emotional, creative, and writing support, guiding you through

this successfully proven, step by step

self-discovery & self-publishing program using her workbook,

Daring to Share Your Story:

An Authentic Writing Guide 

Within 16 weeks, move through the cathartic process of authentic self-discovery while writing your story - leave the editing and publishing to Diana and her team.


This far exceeds just writing a chronological series of events as Diana inspires you to explore and share how you felt along the way; experience an amplified feeling of connection with self and others as you unfold and write how past life events, others, and your decisions

affected who you are today. 

Diana's in-depth editing is second-to-none and far more than just checking for grammar and spelling as she places herself in your story, absorbing your emotions and awakenings. 

This approach allows her to incorporate edits that enhance

your story with the intention to fully connect with your reader. 

You own your book and all royalties!!

Are You Ready To Write And Publish Your Memoirs

With Diana as your guide? 

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60 Minute Virtual Conversation

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Diana has given me the strength to share my story without reservation. When any fears or concerns of mine came up, Diana shared a positive outlook; this helped disentangle my belief system of seeing myself in such a negative way. I needed this to continue being vulnerable throughout my story. Diana’s insight and perspective guided me through a difficult time during COVID when isolation became unbearable. I was so excited when she asked me to join an online journaling workshop. Every week, a group of women met on Zoom, and I gained new awareness and grew as a person and writer. Once presented with the opportunity to write a chapter in Diana’s new book, Chaos to Calm: Awakenings Through Covid, Special Edition 2020, I knew it would be a life-changing experience. Each step of the way, Diana guided me through the writing process. Her reassurance and ability to truly capture my work in the most expressive state gave me the confidence I needed to overcome my fears. I have learned to share my true self through this writing process. The awareness I acquired during each new task or challenge throughout the process has been beyond rewarding in ways I can’t even express. The greatest gift I have received while working with Diana is feeling truly moved to write and share my own experiences.

Bristol Debowski


Daring to Share Chaos to Calm:

Awakenings Through Covid

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

It has been my distinct honour to work with Diana in a professional capacity for the last seven months. This woman embodies the exact philosophy that she teaches, Authenticity.

She has coached me through some hard experiences and taken time, care, and patience with me as I formulate my thoughts to pages.

Showing up for others while holding her own space is a skill that has not just helped me but is exactly the type of leadership the

world needs right now.

I am beyond grateful to call her a colleague, coach, and, most importantly, now, a friend.

Reading her pages will give you hope.

~ Candace Chisholm,

CEO and Co-Founder,
He Changed It | She Changed It

Kelowna, British Columbia, Canada

The Daring To Share writing program created by the amazing Diana Reyers is more than just a way to get your story down on paper. As it is correctly called, it is a journey of self discovery. It provides the structure that is needed to tell your story in a meaningful and creative way. I have absolutely no idea how I would have written and published my recently released memoire without this format. To say that Diana is an incredible editor is an understatement. Her empathy, expertise, guidance, professionalism, and compassion for my story was amazing. She was able to “keep my feet to the fire” with regard to making sure I was true to my goal and that the content was always on point, but also that it captured the emotions I was experiencing. Over many conversations, we would review the content and talk about what it means, what I was attempting to share, and made sure that it was conveyed in a coherent and meaningful way. Working with such an amazing woman and now good friend, and taking advantage of the process she has created is worth every penny. I am so thankful that our paths crossed, otherwise, my story would still just be jumbled thoughts in my mind, never to see the light of day.

Thank you Diana!

~ Erin LeBlanc,

Director, Smith School of Business

Speaker | LGBTQ Advocate


Stranger in the Mirror: The Search for Me

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada


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The Daring to Share

Way of Writing


The intention of the Daring to Share method of writing is to find the courage to dig deep within your authenticity in order to be able to articulate your story and your truth with confidence and ease - to release that which is manifesting within you by experiencing the expansive process of trusting and using your voice through

the power of writing.

Whether you decide to write about a specific segment of your life or you wish to include your entire life story, Diana's writing and publishing experience, along with her effective authenticity coaching expertise, will provide you with the personal decisiveness you need to create a published masterpiece. You may choose to share your legacy with family, friends or the entire world while inspiring and supporting others with your new-found wisdom. Or, you may prefer to place your memoir on a shelf for future generations to absorb and be inspired by.


Are You Ready To Write And Publish Your Memoirs With Diana? 

Connect With Her To Schedule A 60 Minute Virtual Coffee & Conversation

Connect With Diana

Diana works individually with one writer at a time, publishing 4 books per year;

Check in to discover if this is a good fit for you


Daring to Share Global

Self-Published Authors


In Repair:

From Existing to Living

by Sarah Lynn

This collection of poetry is divided into three parts taking Sarah Lynn from Existing to Living. Each volume works through the author's various struggles, thoughts, and victories while sharing her deep, meaningful emotions. This book is about growth, about blooming into a human fully capable of experiencing all of what life brings.

Sarah Lynn has a poetry disorder. She used to have a rather strange personality disorder but through therapy and a strong affection for her cat she’s been able to create this reflective and provocative collection. Her acknowledgement of the power of the printed word has driven her to capture and paint scenes of emotional landscapes that are very familiar places for many young women. Sarah has documented her journey in a courageous and honest style that beckons you to take a breath and read on! It is said that great poetry is able to unlock the door. Sarah’s poetry knocks on the door, works the key in the lock, and turns on the light.

~Dave Crowe


Creative Healing

Through Transformation: Conversations With My Soul


by Donna Fitzgerald & Tana Heminsley

Donna Fitzgerald and Tana Heminsley combine their expertise and experience to create a compassionate step-by-step process utilizing the empowering tools of self-awareness and journaling. This self-guide workbook supports caregivers seeking authentic self-discovery and ease before, during, and after caring

for their loved one.

I applaud the authors for this beautiful healing book that could only have been written by someone who has successfully navigated the lived experience of major loss and change in life direction. The frameworks and exercises in this book provide really practical stepping stones for the reader through this difficult and uncharted territory – a route that enables the reader to realize the power of emotional intelligence, spirituality and authenticity to successfully transcend the most profoundly difficult life experiences. I urge anyone who has suffered such a life changing loss to use this highly empowering and insightful guide to navigate towards a place of healing for the mind and soul.

~Mike Fitzpatrick,

Physician and Chief of Staff, KHSC Kingston, Ontario, Canada

unnamed (2).png

A Child's Nightcap:

My Soul's Survival Story

by Maureen Rooney

A Child's Nightcap is a story of resilience through addiction,

survival of violence, healing from trauma, and forgiveness for those who created secrets well-hidden behind closed doors.

Maureen debuts her work as a non-fiction writer by providing a disturbingly intimate insight into the frightful world of domestic child abuse that

no court transcript, Crown brief or police testimony could

possibly describe or give justice to.

~Robert Thomas,

Detective, Toronto Police Service


Stranger in the Mirror:

The Search for Me

by Erin L LeBlanc

This memoir provides amplified inspiration of resilience for anyone moving through adversity. Erin LeBlanc describes the highs and lows of her journey of self-discovery, putting the pieces of the puzzle that is her life together to form her authentic self. She shares knowledge, tools, and practices as an emotional survival guide based on her experience for those living with Gender Dysphoria, their family and friends, supporters and allies, and the transgender and LGBTQ+ community. As a human advocate, Erin shows the world how to take the stigma out of transitioning while showing up committing to living life as her authentic self.

A portion of all books sales will be donated to

TransFamily Kingston


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