Diana Reyers,
Authenticity & Writing Coach
Founder of Daring to Share
Author | Editor | Publisher

Daring to Share Your Story

Self-Publishing Program

As a bestselling publisher, editor and contributing author of 3 Daring to Share collaborative books, Diana Reyers offers a program supporting individuals seeking to write their story as a published memoir. 

Working online with Diana by your side provides you with the emotional, creative, and writing support you need as she guides you through this successfully proven, step by step Daring to Share Your Story writing and self-publishing program. Once published, you own your book;


You receive all royalties and income!!

Within 12 weeks, move through the cathartic process of authentic self-discovery while collaboratively writing, editing, and publishing the story you choose to publish. This far exceeds just writing a chronological series of events as Diana inspires you to explore and share how you felt along the way; experience an amplified feeling of connection with self and others as you unfold and write how past life events, others, and your decisions

have affected who you are today. 


Included in this Program:

12 Weekly 2-Hour Online In-Person Conversations 1:1 with

Authentic Writing Coach & Daring to Share Global Founder, Diana Reyers;

A Copy of the Daring to Share 12-Step Writing Workbook

to use through the program:

Awaken Your Authentic Leadership

Daring to Share Your Story: An Authentic Writing Guide 

by, Tana Heminsley & Diana Reyers

 Authenticity Coaching Support:

Cathartic process of self-discovery inspiring writing in line with your authentic way of being;

Writing Coaching with Diana Reyers

Tools and practices supporting you to complete your: 

8-Chapter 45,000 word Manuscript;

Prologue & Epilogue;

Table of Contents;




A Full Professional Edit Including:

Structural Editing: content, development, revisions, permissions etc;

Stylistic Editing: coherence, flow, language refinement, sentence/paragraph structure/length;

Copy Editing: grammar, spelling, punctuation, word usage & consistency;

Proof Editing: complete check of all of the above once complete.

Design and Publication of Your Book

Front & Back Cover;

Professional Typesetting;

Registration with US & Worldwide Distributors, Ingram Spark and Amazon;

Registration with Canadian Distributor, Red Tuque Books;

ISBN (international standard book number) Registration and;

BISAC (book categories) Codes Registration


Amazon Online Top 100 Bestseller Book Launch

Your Investment:


(ask about our payment plan)


The intention of the Daring to Share method of writing is to find the courage to dig deep within your authenticity in order to be able to articulate your story and your truth with confidence and ease - to release that which is manifesting within you by experiencing the expansive process of trusting and using your voice through the power of writing.

Whether you decide to write about a specific segment of your life or you wish to include your entire life story, Diana's writing and publishing experience, along with her effective authenticity coaching expertise, will provide you with the personal decisiveness you need to create a published masterpiece. You may choose to share your legacy with family, friends or the entire world while inspiring and supporting others with your new-found wisdom. Or, you may prefer to place your memoir on a shelf for future generations to absorb and be inspired by.




Diana works individually with a limited number of writers at a time;

Check in to discover if this is a good fit for you and to determine her wait time.

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