Includes Bestselling titles from Daring to Share: There to Here, Volume 1; Trauma to Recovery, Special Edition 2019; and Deception to Truth, Volume 2. 


Daring to Share: There to Here, Volume 1

This heartfelt collection shares stories moving the narrators from past initial torment , through to acute self-awareness, then bravely on to the deserving destination of celebrating their truth.

Trauma to Recovery, Special Edition 2019

Introducing 6 women who found the courage to share impactful accounts of survival by describing degrees of resilience most cannot imagine committing to.


Deception to Truth, Volume 2

The scope of the deception you are about to experience will take you to doubt and despair, while the discovery of truth these 10 men and women courageously commit to will restore your faith in

what is possible.


Don't forget to your your copy of the Daring to Share workbook 

Box Set: Volume 1, Volume 2, and Trauma to Recovery (eBooks)

  • "Amazed pleasantly as if I am observing snowflakes fall to the ground and yet defy the expectation of melting, I absorb the phenomenal courage by those who pour open the depths of their souls in these beautiful stories before you which you now have the opportunity to share. I applaud them…"

    ~ Diane Ladd, Actress | Director | Writer International Award Winner, including British Academy Award and 3X Oscar Nominee.


    "Being part of the journey of this book and meeting Diana has made a huge impact on my life, both personally and professionally.  Until working with Diana on this particular Dream Project, I didn’t realize how much authenticity was actually missing in my life.  The Daring to Share movement gave me insight into how powerful sharing one's story and true self can be..."

    ~ Philippa Douglas, Head of Fundraising Karis Support Society


    "Diana embraces a journey of stories from a unique group of individuals who are exposing themselves naked in this book with raw scenarios and experiences they have dealt with in their lives and how it has affected them mentally, physically, and emotionally. They are brave souls who have opened up and are sharing their private lives to readers …"

    ~ Janet Walmsley, Actress & Author of The Autistic Author and Animator