Meet 8 men and women who choose to find the courage to commit to their truth while sharing how they feel along the way. Including Diana Reyers' empowering story of From There to Here, this heartfelt collection shares stories of Authentic Road Trips that move the narrators' past initial personal torment, through acute self-awareness and on to the deserving destination of celebrating their truth. Unlike any collaborative book you read, you will resonate with and feel the writers more than you care about what they are doing. These are difficult conversations, and this is truth like you've never experienced it before. 


Inspiring stories shared by these 8 brave men and women reflect an intuitive calling to surrender to the truth within. Truth is a funny little word that has depths so deep we can't see them at first glance, so we have to walk toward them, into them, to know them. It takes suffering, strength, and courage to walk this road with eyes wide will find yourself, here. ~ Heather Haynes, Artist and Philanthropist Creator of Walls of Courage | Founder of Worlds Collide Africa

8 Brave Souls Sharing Their Authentic Road Trip

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