Compelling, jaw-dropping, emotional roller coasters and lessons of love and learning are only some of the words I can think to describe the stories in Diana’s book Daring to Share: Deception to Truth! And yet, even these seem inadequate in a sense.

From Thomas’ lessons as a man traveling through unchartered territory to Anne’s harrowing and excruciatingly raw example of the mind’s way of coping, each word left me breathless with my heart in my throat and wanting more. Bravo to the brave men and women baring their souls and thank you and deepest of gratitude to Mrs. Reyers for having the fortitude, compassion, and love to bring it all together.

~ Candace Chisholm, Solution Seeker

Co-Founder, He Changed It | She Changed It

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I had no idea the journey I would be taking when my dear friend, Diana Reyers, extended her hand to me in a restaurant in Qualicum Beach in the Fall of 2016. What began as an idea, an event and a sincere desire to build community, facilitate connection, and encourage conversation has blown up into an entire movement. Diana’s Daring to Share series of books has sold around the globe.

Having contributed a story to Daring to Share Volume 1, I know first-hand the impact that being real, raw, and vulnerable can have on others. After having read the impactful stories in this edition, I am elated and excited for the beautiful individuals

who bared their souls and “put it out there” in this edition.

I encourage you, dear reader, to put on your jammies, pour yourself a beverage, get a snack, get comfortable in your favourite spot, and immerse yourself in the journey these authors are inviting you to. Revel in their victories and overcome their setbacks.

We are all part of the human experience. Join us.

~ Scott De Freitas-Graff

Co-Author, Daring to Share, 8 Braves Souls - Volume One

Diana embraces a journey of stories from a unique group of individuals who are exposing themselves naked in this book with raw scenarios and experiences they have dealt with in their lives and how it has affected them mentally, physically, and emotionally. They are brave souls who have opened up and are sharing their private lives with readers. From sexual abuse to the perception of one’s personality, unconditional love and to one’s faith, are a few of the stories that brought me on an intense, emotional journey and in turn, enlightenment on their healing or adventure process.

~ Janet Walmsley

Actress & Author of Book Excellence Awards Finalist, The Autistic Author, and Animator

In a world where we only see shiny and happy curated social media accounts, we are drifting into aloneness more than ever before. In the second volume of Daring to Share by Diana Reyers, she reminds us so beautifully, that sharing our stories is the true tool to find the heart of human connection. We need this. We need each other. 

~ Danielle Loewen, Personal Trainer, Qualicum Beach, BC

Daring to Share is a raw expression of truth by courageously bold people ready to fully show up in today’s world. It is an honour to have the opportunity to read and witness these brave souls in their nakedness.

~ Isabelle Mercier Turcotte and Margarita Romano, founders of LeapZone Strategies Inc.

Diana’s book shares six diverse stories of individuals being open about their lives. These Strong, courageous people each learning to find their very own voices and follow their hearts through tough and difficult situations put in different parts of their lives. All the stories show that in the end, despite how much hate can tear us down, love will always conquer and makes us stronger, better people. 

~ Jenny Story, Animator and Author of the Dysnomia Trilogy Book Series

I was so impressed with the vulnerability of the writers sharing their stories. Their heartfelt and honest reciting of their experiences was both touching and relatable. I really appreciated the lessons learned and was incredibly proud of how far these authors have come into their lives. 


~ Judy Holt, Lifestyle Coach, Independent Shaklee Distributor

What People Are Saying About Volume 2

What a lovely book, really worth both the money and time

The stories are heartwarming and genuine, a very good read. I especially like the one near the end on the challenges of being indoctrinated into religion.


An inspirational book with special meaning to me because my dearest friend was in the book ♥️

Must have

Excellent read!!

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