Daringly Mindful Diana

Human Advocate | Storytelling Coach |

Author & Publisher 

Diana can be best summed up with one word - Authentic. She is a true beacon for living a life built by design, not by default, and her ability to stir others through a simple conversation is pure magic.


Life is made up of a series of twists and turns and along that journey are patches of wilderness that must be navigated in order to find one's authentic self. Diana shows us that this fountain of authentic youth can happen at any age, provided that the journey is committed, and the heart is open.


Growth can happen alone or through simple conversations with strangers; we all have a story to tell, and through that sharing, we grow. Nobody better exemplifies this than Ms. Reyers and her ability to draw human souls together as one by the simple act of sharing and conversation.

Jim Gardiner, Performance Coach -  Life | Wellness | Business | TV host and creator of The Inspirational 30 and

Can Ordinary Inspire

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Most of us have secrets, memories, and past actions; feelings and deeds hidden from friends, strangers, and sometimes even from ourselves; that were they exposed we would be mortified! 
            Especially as an actress, director,  and as a fellow author,  I have to be willing to stand stripped bare of the safety of a mask - and instead share these same vulnerabilities portrayed within each character for the world to see.
            Amazed pleasantly as if I am observing snowflakes fall to the ground and yet defy the expectation of melting, I absorb the phenomenal courage by those who pour open the depths of their souls in these beautiful stories before you which you now have the opportunity to share. 
I applaud them.

                                                  DIANE LADD

Actress | Director | Writer 

International Award Winner, including  British Academy Award and

3X Oscar Nominee.
         Author — “Spiraling Through the School of Life”,

Hay House Publisher and

“A Bad Afternoon for a Piece of Cake” a Collection 10 short stories,

Exxcell Publisher


These soulful stories landed deeply in my heart. Each story radiating strength and courage. This book oozes inspiration and sparks excitement to live authentically. Exactly what is needed in this time of transformation.

 Carla Pilton, Intuitive Healer | Spiritual Guide |

Life Transitions Facilitator | Creator of Sacred Ceremonies

"Inspiring stories shared by these 8 brave individuals reflect an intuitive calling to surrender to the truth within.  Truth is a funny little word that has depths so deep we can’t see them at first glance, so we have to walk toward them, into them, to know them.  It takes suffering, strength and courage to walk this road with eyes wide open...you will find yourself, here"

Heather Haynes, Artist and Philanthropist |

Owner, Heather Haynes Gallery |

Creator of the Walls of Courage | Founder of Worlds Collide Africa 



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