Riveting! Diana Reyers’ compilation of each author’s story provides rare and gripping glimpses into the human experience - both of evolving through long-term trauma, and layered upon it, living through the complexity and gravity of COVID. Savor each one - you will be made different as a result of reading this book!

~ Tana Heminsley Author | Founder of Authentic Leadership GlobalTM Awaken Your Authentic Leadership Series &

Live Your Authentic Life Series

In the chronicling of global events from the first days of the Covid 19 Crisis, Daring to Share, Chaos to Calm does not fail to deliver the drama and intensity of these “unprecedented” times. Each story unfolds from a deeply personal vantage point against the backdrop of global crisis. Reading them, I found each reflection to be exquisite in its relatability and the artistry of its storytelling. With expert guidance from author/advocate/editor, Diana Reyers, and driven by authenticity, the writers convey how the world changed for them, courageously revealing personal crises that either coincided or erupted from the sudden pain of global uncertainty and disconnection from family and community. I became lost in my reading, left wanting to know where the writer’s next chapter would take me after this ending. At times the emotional heart of each writer is so exposed it draws one into deep communion. You realize how much is collectively shared, mourning the tragic losses and unimaginable sacrifices and heightened fear, yet discovering the capacity to persevere. Each story in this anthology demonstrates our resiliency and the process of transformation. They will captivate you, bearing gifts of memory and healing and the honoring of our collective suffering during this pandemic.

~ John De Freitas Authenticity Coach, Authentic Leadership Global Program Facilitator, Daring to Share Authentic Writing Coach,

Co-Author,  Daring to Share There to Here - 2nd Edition | Volume 1

Powerful stories don’t have to come from Hollywood. Maybe it took 2020 and the events this unprecedented year brought with it to remind me of that. So maybe I can’t go see the latest comic book movie in the theater at the moment; truth be told, I don’t really even want to right now with all that’s going on. I have internalized a lot of things dealing with COVID and all the shrapnel that has come with it, and I know I am not the only one. It’s times like these when powerful stories are so important. When the culture shifts as it has, everyone has a story. Chaos to Calm: Awakenings Through Covid is a wonderful chronicle of some of those stories. While I am very different than all the brave, articulate authors and the stories collected in this book, not unlike how different I am from the characters in my favorite movie, each and every one has delicious food for thought in the writings they present. These stories act as a gateway of insight as to how others are going through this shared time in our lives and provide a wide angle lens on some of the very things I am internalizing, as well as empathy for things others are going through that would never have occurred to me otherwise. Reading these stories literally gives me the ability to take a walk for a mile or two in someone else’s shoes. Quite the superpower indeed.

~ Mike Chisholm Author | Host of He-Cast, the official podcast of He Changed It

Insightful, relatable, and engaging. As I was reading these stories, I could not help but get involved in the mental and emotional processes narrated in an easy to follow cadence. I’ve come across stories in the past that seemed to be more of an attempt to show off the author’s vocabulary rather than relay the core message that was being shared. I’m so glad that this is not the case here.

The messages in all the stories are ones that the reader can truly relate to. So many light bulbs lit up in my head after reading these stories. Many nagging and unclear issues weighing heavily on my mind (and heart) have certainly been clarified and resolved.

The stories I’ve come across in this book are so real and relatable. They depict the many challenges and struggles that have become commonplace in an all too familiar experience that many people are going through, given the present situation

that has fallen upon the entire human race.

Dealing with what is actually forced self-isolation and the daunting task of self-discovery at an amplified level is no easy task. This pandemic is nowhere near its conclusion. However, the stories herein offer a resolve and a clear solution of how to get through it. How to not just survive, but how to thrive and come out stronger, better and wiser. All these stories offer hope and resolve

which we all need, especially today.

One of the stories mentions “the ability to choose.” I love this reference. While it is true that we now all share some of the same struggles as we go through this horrific pandemic, it is also true that we all have the same ability to choose to go from chaos to calm. The message seems simple, but it is actually very powerful.

~ Don Tecson Founder, Queer View Mirror

History is often recorded by the academic and the professional writer providing the perspective of those individuals and institutions. The unique landscape that was experienced in 2020 has brought words such as unprecedented, pandemic, isolation, and quarantine to our reality, which have all impacted our daily lives. A unique landscape requires unique documentation. Daring to Share - Chaos to Calm, is a perfect creation to record the personal experience during the pandemic of COVID-19 and bring this human experience into the light. For the reader it validates their personal experience and brings connection by shear virtue of knowing that we all struggle in chaos and calm in our human journey in unique and varied ways. As you read the stories, you will gain perspective on the journey of others, you will identify yourself in parts of stories, and you will feel the warmth of human connection as you continue to navigate your chaos and find your calm. I look forward to reading it again - years from now. As a piece of history and a compelling journal of human resiliency.

~ Jacquie Costron Co- Founder of Costron + Co. Business & Life Strategist

In times of difficulty, we look to sources for inspiration and strength. Chaos to Calm: Awakenings Through Covid is one such source. While the stories are at times heartbreaking, they provide perspective. Perspective on what is important, to celebrate the small things. Family is everything, and the message that we need to treat everyone with gentle hands resonates throughout the stories. Not just other people but ourselves as well. The honesty and raw emotions that dominate the narratives remind one of how this pandemic has ravaged the lives of so many people from infecting family members and friends, to the financial impact of losing employment, to isolation from friends, family, support services, and community. In every case, contributors to this book find a way to care for others, while at the same time no longer neglecting themselves, to gain back some control in a world that is enveloped in circumstances that deny us any such luxury. Thank you to all the authors who bared their souls and allowed us to benefit from their stories, their strength, and their inspiration.

~ Erin LeBlanc Director, Smith School of Business Speaker | LGBTQ Advocate | Author Stranger in the Mirror: The Search for Me

WE all have our Covid experiences, our stories. The writers in this book have been courageous enough, not only to share their experiences of living through the pandemic, but to dig deeply into the connection of this challenging time in our shared history to other traumas in their lives. Then, they bring forth the lessons of their healing, their insights, to provide the reader with a pathway to hope. Settle in with a box of Kleenex and be prepared to have your heart touched by their vulnerability, to be inspired by their resilience. I personally found some wonderful lessons in their experiences that I will apply to my own journey through this challenging time. I do hope you will as well.

Laura Mack, MBA Author | CEO at Authentic Leadership Global, Inc. Co-Author, Woman Of Worth - Evolve. Expand. Empower

With each new Daring to Share Volume and the authors who find themselves within this new compilation, Chaos to Calm: Awakenings Through Covid, I am fixated on each story. Each one powerful, vulnerable, and real. Through the past six months with the global pandemic and restrictions we all experienced, I find myself in awe of these authors’ awakenings and personal growth. Faced with uncertainty and fear, they found growth and self -awareness, providing me with hope for humanity post-pandemic. I celebrate all the authors with sharing their personal stories - the courage, resilience, and vulnerability while sharing each story in a way that reveals their authentic soul. My hope for each author involved in this book is that they continue this new path, finding incredible gifts and awakenings that they and the world around them will witness because of their Chaos to Calm journeys. Diana Reyers, thank you for your vision and gift to humanity in offering a platform for those who want to share their stories with a sense of safety, connection, and love.

~ Donna Fitzgerald Founder, Creative Healing Through Transformation Authentic Leadership Global Program Facilitator Co-Author,

Creative Healing Through Transformation: Conversations With My Soul Co-Author, Daring to Share: There to Here, 2nd Edition | Volume 1

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