These stories of recovery take you from a place of awe and heartbreak to grit and resilience. They inspire you to take action in your life, no matter what is going on for you, to be a better person. Those that dared to share did so with grace, humour, and great self-reflection. As tears streamed down my face, I found myself lost in the stories as they moved from darkness to light. You can find real seeds of inspiration and by just reading one story, you could bloom to a greater

perspective in your own life.

~ Tamara McLellen, Humanitarian

After reading Diana’s collected stories, I felt grateful and inspired.

Grateful because it is apparent that I and many others are NOT

alone in our separate journeys.

Inspired because each of these women stepped up to share their stories in order to provide strength and to elevate others.

They confirm that each of us walks a different path but our goals and finish-lines are

the same as we all seek the love and connection

that allows us to thrive emotionally. 


~ Bill Welychka, Co-host & Co-Producer of "The Morning Show" 

on Global News Kingston, Ontario 

Well, what a wonderful experience I just had. I had intended to read one story today and more tomorrow. As a fellow author, I was excited to read these stories. I read all four and was drawn in and captivated by their beautiful storytelling. I was right there with them along their journey.  It is so telling that we all have the same emotions and times of trauma, despair and feeling lost, of course to certain degrees and depths. The courage, commitment to doing the inner work to love one’s self is daunting at times yet so rewarding and these women did it with strength. The people (earth angels) that have come into these incredible women’s lives to help them see their full potential and gifts to the world. Their stories will impact and make a huge difference in the lives of others.  I feel a connection and a true feeling that these incredible women are going to soar to great heights and give hope and love to many. I feel blessed to have had the honour to read about their incredible journeys.

~ Donna Fitzgerald, Author of

Daring to Share: 8 Brave Souls, Volume 1

Founder of Creative Healing; Visioning and Journaling Workshops

From the first in-class writing session Diana held with the women in our addictions recovery program she created a professional and transparent mentoring relationship with the women. This relationship has proven to be necessary as each writer entered their own personal and vulnerable journey of expression through writing. The creative experience that Diana has guided these women through has produced curiosity, purpose, and hope resulting in a rich therapeutic journey. Anticipation is rising as we move closer to the release of this publication and the stories that will undoubtedly impact each reader.


~ Deborah Klassen, Co-Executive Director

Karis Support Society

Being part of the journey of this book and meeting Diana has made a huge impact on my life, both personally and professionally. 

Until working with Diana on this particular Dream Project,  I didn’t realize how much authenticity was actually missing in my life. 

The Daring to Share movement gave me insight into how powerful sharing one's story and true self can be. 

Watching Diana walking the path of authenticity with our women in recovery has been an inspiration.

She is strong, stands in her truth and yet has such great love and care for these women. 


She guided them to create the most amazing stories of truth they can be proud of

and I feel so privileged to have been a part of this whole movement.

~Philippa Douglas, Head of Fundraising, Karis Support Society

The readings of these stories bring out the real in women and their traumatized journeys through life.  Their courage to manage life, to belong in a place where they finally feel safe, are able to heal and move towards a new life with new meaning is remarkable. 

They all believe in the hope of recovery from many injuries as this book of inspiring stories shares from Trauma to Recovery.   

~Angie Lohr, Founder of Hope Outreach, Kelowna BC

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