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Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Daring to Share | The Book | The Event | The Movement

With the Daring to Share, Volume 1 Book Launch and Storytelling Event approaching quickly, I'm finding I'm being asked the same question over and over again,

"What is Daring to Share?"

It's not that people don't understand that Daring to Share encompasses stories within a book, an event and a movement but, they want clarity about what the intention is behind sharing our stories within each of these experiences. Let's face it, anything with the word "Dare" in it could imply a number of things, and we want you to know what we're all about because it goes way beyond just sharing stories!!!!

Daring to Share was conceived with the intention of creating a ripple effect of vulnerability which, in turn, produces what we are all yearning for, personal connection, conversation, and collaboration. Each author taps into their personal state of truth and exposes their deepest thoughts and emotions. Whether in the written form or in person, the stories shared are done so through the expression of 'feelings' within the context of the chronological chain of events.

What is different about Daring to Share is that none of the authors/storytellers ever tell you what to do, what to say or how to be; this is not a self-help book but rather, one of pure inspiration as we focus on the articulation of the narrator's response to the people, the events and the environment within the stories as a result of the emotions that particular storyteller experienced. The mandate is to inspire the recipient of the story, the reader/audience, with what resonates with their experiences and emotions within their personal evolution at the time they absorb these extraordinary biographies.

This is why the stories are all narrated from the first person or "I" perspective. They are described from the perception of the storyteller and, more importantly, the emotions they experienced as a result of their viewpoint of what occurred at that time. In the end, the other players or characters, the cities, situations and surroundings described in each story simply set context supporting the narrator to communicate the awakenings s/he moved through without judgement on anyone involved.

Pieces within the accounts may create discomfort because they are real and raw, and may trigger similar feelings of truth within the recipients. But, these are the uncomfortable conversations we as a society are ready to have; these are stories of 'From There to Here'; 'There' being a place of being unaware and unconsciously showing up within an inauthentic place, and 'Here' being a place of having evolved to being acutely aware and consciously showing up within an authentic place. Somewhere in between these brave souls grabbed their courage and trusted their intuition in order to move forward from inner discomfort to a place of inner peace. Each or all of their journeys are intended to inspire our readers to take that next step within their Authentic Road Trip towards self-truth. They will discover why and how they do this on their own; it their choice and not a perception of someone else's expectation.

There were only a few but, important and established guidelines for each author and storyteller before they chose to share their story whether in The Book or The Event:

1. Speak/write from your soul; share from a place of vulnerability by expressing how you felt throughout your 'From There to Here';

2. Share from a place of compassion for all involved within your story; they too are moving 'From There to Here'

3. Put your ego on the shelf and walk away from it; this is not a place for judgement of others but instead, a place to reflect on your personal growth and evolution;

4. And finally, discover your 'Inner Purpose Feeling', that feeling you yearn to experience every day of your life; use it as a guidepost throughout your sharing because it is your truth and your gateway towards connecting with your self, others and the entire universe.

Daring to Share, The Book | The Event | The Movement, each on their own and in it's entirety, provides a unique blend of Compassion, Connection and Collaboration. We are Human Advocates committed to our values of Truth, Equity, Connection and Ease. Combined, these values support our main mandate to lead Authentically by practicing emotional intelligence; we consciously make decisions that reflect what is true and best for both ourselves and others. We believe that by doing so, everything will fall where it is meant to land. We are Daring to Share

A portion of our proceeds will go to AnxietyBC in support of their free

MindShift app to help

people manage anxiety

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Our Book Launch and Event is On October 13, 2018 in Coombs BC on Beautiful Vancouver Island

For More Info | Tickets | Accommodations go to daringtoshare.com or Eventbrite

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