Waves of Change

Updated: Apr 1, 2020

by Donna Fitzgerald.

Daring to Share Conversations With My Soul. February 2020 Edition

Welcome to the Monthly Perceptions of Donna Fitzgerald!!

Donna is a mother of two wonderful adult children who have moved forward with their own lives and paths. As the author of Chapter 6, From There to Here: Calm in Daring to Share, Volume 1, Donna shared her journey as she bravely sought calm amidst the chaos of struggling through a deep and dark storm. For years, Donna wrote what she calls Conversations With My Soul through daily journaling in order to determine who she is and how she could find the calm she yearned for. She is now inspired to share these heartfelt reflections from the past in hopes that her words will make a difference in the lives of those who choose to listen to her voice.

Following is Donna's March 2020 Blog Post Edition of

Daring to Share Conversations With My Soul

Editor: Diana Reyers

While in meditation this morning I had the words Waves of Change come to my mind. As I sat thinking about change, I felt that I am currently riding the wave.

I feel like I am on a new path and direction since entering this new year and decade that represents transition and a new beginning. I believe the last ten years have been a decade of growth, healing, experiencing, and knowing more about who I am as a person. It is like I rode the wave across the ocean and am finally on firm ground; my next course is to walk on solid ground using the lessons and tools I picked up along the way.

For a while, I remained on the waves, bobbing back and forth. Ready to jump to shore one day, and then, on another, ok to remain within the back and forth movement of the wave. I became quite familiar with that back and forth motion always wondering, Do I jump or do I stay?

Then finally, I realized that the back and forth no longer holds any purpose for me. I learned all I can, and staying captured in those waves of change keeps me stuck without moving forward. I learned that leaps of faith are what get me here with a feeling of heightened confidence and happiness as I live life with clarity and direction.

I am an adventurer at heart. I like the thought that there is so much more out in the world for me to experience and learn from. Sometimes I'm scared, but that can be exciting as I push through the fear of something new and create, yet another new experience. It provides an opportunity to decide whether or not I want to continue on that path or choose another that awaits me.

I feel connected with myself now and securely grounded. There was a time I continuously searched, trying to find something to support me to feel grounded. But, what I have found is that there is nothing outside of myself that can provide me with that sense of connection because it is my inner soul that accomplishes that. All the answers I seek are within me. I must just be still and listen.

I love my morning routine of meditation, journaling, and when I feel inspired to write. Its cleanse my mind and body and provides me with a fresh start to my day with clarity to experience whatever it has to offer.

I find that the beauty of life is found within change. Every moment changes into the next. I can’t stop time and say, Wait a minute, I want to stop right here because every moment naturally moves into the next, and even as I sleep, I am within the process of transition as my body rests and recharges in preparation for the tasks that lay ahead.

I run into difficulty when I get caught up in the thoughts or emotions of the past. They no longer serve the person I am today, and yet, there is something familiar about them; within that familiarity, there is a desire to remain. My mind and body react and I feel sad, tired, and unmotivated. I don't experience any excitement of life there - no energy as those memories have served their time and purpose.

I made a conscious effort to release old patterns and the thoughts and people who I no longer need on my new path. I love them for providing me with their presence and the lessons that came with them supporting me to become more aware of the next direction my path. I realize that we are not on the same journey and I need to take a different road.

I learned that letting go of a friendship or experience is not a bad or negative thing. It is actually a time of celebration as I grow and mature each time with the self-awareness that letting go provides new lessons and joyful moments. The wonderful gift I achieved within myself is that I can trust and have faith that all will work out. I am living life fully and I am aware there may be another time in the future when I walk off solid ground, ready to leap into the waves of change again. I will keep riding this wave until my journey is complete.

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