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Updated: Sep 12, 2018

Name calling is NOT Authentic, and is a form of bullying.

Recently, social media presented me with a few posts encouraging people to 'protect' themselves from those who they address as 'mean', 'bitches', 'narcissistic' and 'idiots.' These posts create a surge of expectation from those absorbing them to get on the band wagon to "stand up to these assholes" who are "toxic" and "messed up." The posts refer to the "bullys" as "assholes" and those on the receiving end of their behaviour as "willy nilly", "wishy washy" and "victomy". If you are or have ever been on either end of this spectrum, how supported would you feel to be treated with this lack of compassion within your personal evolution?

I had the honour of being invited to share my knowledge, wisdom and experience about leading life from a place of authenticity through an interview with Osmary Torres. Osmary created the 'Connect to Your Purpose Summit' as she gathered a group of experts to inspire others to "Be the change that will lead the world." It is an impactful tribe who inspires others to move forward in a way that honours one's true self within their personal and professional lives while honouring the same in others.

My segment delves deeper into what showing up within your authenticity actually 'feels' like and how your awareness and response to these feelings can affect both you and those around you. We discussed the importance of being human within the realm of responding to those who have not yet evolved to the authentic side of showing up in the world. It involves the awareness that comes with practicing emotional and social intelligence and how we have the ability to make a difference in the world by showing others a better more human way of being.

Name calling is NOT Authentic, and is a form of bullying. Although, it may not be their intention and is probably more of a means to protect themselves, name calling is intimidating, controlling, manipulative and passive-aggressive; it is "bullying" in it's truest form. When we resort to name calling, especially behind someone's back, we move towards dis-compassion and judgement, and it is likely done through the fear of not knowing how else to manage it.

When we choose to block someone from our lives because of their behaviour towards us, we choose to move towards our ego and the need to be right, rather than facing an uncomfortable conversation that may positively change the lives of both involved forever. We actually have the choice and opportunity to support the "bully" rather than betray that human being who is struggling with being stuck. This person is experiencing their own 'From There to Here' - are we really that much better than them that we feel the right to give up on them?

For more of my interview on showing up within an Authentic way of being, go to https://osmarytorres.ca/diana-reyers/

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