Morning Reflection – Feeling Grateful

Updated: Mar 21

by Donna Fitzgerald.

Daring to Share Conversations With My Soul March 21, 2020 Edition

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Donna is a mother of two wonderful adult children who have moved forward with their own lives and paths. As the author of Chapter 6, From There to Here: Calm in Daring to Share, Volume 1, Donna shared her journey as she bravely sought calm amidst the chaos of struggling through a deep and dark storm. For years, Donna wrote what she calls Conversations With My Soul through daily journaling in order to determine who she is and how she could find the calm she yearned for. She is now inspired to share these heartfelt reflections from the past in hopes that her words will make a difference in the lives of those who choose to listen to her voice.

Following is Donna's March 21, 2020 Blog Post Edition of

Daring to Share Conversations With My Soul

Editor: Diana Reyers

I am sitting with a peppermint tea and feeling grateful for all I have through the uncertainty of the COVID-19 crisis. Over the past week, I have not felt inspired to write with everything that going on, the changes in my daily routine, and the continuous news reports.

I feel inspired to write about how this last week has affected me. I am self-isolating at my home and if I need to go out, I am practicing social distancing. I have a new companion with me - a bag I carry containing hand sanitizer, wipes, and disposable gloves. Will this be my new normal?

I am an introvert and I live alone. I am very comfortable being alone and spending time at the house. My morning routine is very solitary including journaling, writing, and meditation. When I retired not long ago, my routine changed because my life is not as busy as it was when I worked. But these last seven days have provided an awareness that I sometimes feel uncomfortable and isolated.

Before this pandemic, I went to the gym or swam every day. I would rush into the gym or pool, change, and get right to my workout. There are always people around and we say good morning and have short conversations. I miss that face to face hello and their interest in where I’ve been when I haven’t been there for a few days. There is the sense of community and I am missing that interaction.

The gym is closed so I thought I will get outside and do some running. Interesting that, once out there, I chose to go for a walk instead as my mind and body have slowed down. I went this morning and there was a grey and fine mist. As I walked I began feeling grateful for everything in my life. I felt so grateful for this walk and I took in the world around me. I noticed the subtle changes in myself and other fellow walkers and runners. We all made an effort to move to the road to allow for distancing knowing that we weren’t avoiding each other, but instead, protecting one other. The other change I noticed was that everyone looked at me and we made eye contact and took the time to say, good morning. Usually, I just run by and wave.

Yesterday, I went to get groceries and there certainly were less people in the store, but people were generally unhurried and there was also a sense of calm. I picked up flowers for a friend’s birthday which I planned to drop at her door. While I stood in the line, the other shoppers kept a safe distance. Again, I am feeling grateful again for how everyone is adapting so quickly to this new reality for the next while.

I realize how important communication with friends and family is to me. The subtle way I now take the time to call my children rather than send a quick text. I check in on friends who are alone. I experience a sense of calm hearing their voice and knowing they are doing ok. I miss face to face experience, but I have faith that this will return.

I feel more compassion and love for those who are shut in, have no family to check in on them, and for the people affected from every walk of life. I know this self-isolation is not easy for the extroverts or type A personalities who thrive on doing and being surrounded by people. I feel grateful for being a part of humanity who take this time seriously and we do our part to help lessen the impact of COVID-19.

I feel very grateful for a time to slow down, listen, and simply be in the world around me - to be present in the conversations and interactions I am still blessed to have knowing I don’t have a lot of control other than over what is directly surrounding me. I do have control over being responsible and taking in the new awareness and lessons I am learning about the world to take with me daily and into tomorrow.

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