Love as a Morning Reflection

by Donna Fitzgerald

Daring to Share Conversations With My Soul. April 1, 2020 Edition

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Donna Fitzgerald!!

Donna is a mother of two wonderful adult children who have moved forward with their own lives and paths. As the author of Chapter 6, From There to Here: Calm in Daring to Share, Volume 1, Donna shared her journey as she bravely sought calm amidst the chaos of struggling through a deep and dark storm. For years, Donna wrote what she calls Conversations With My Soul through daily journaling in order to determine who she is and how she could find the calm she yearned for. She is now inspired to share these heartfelt reflections from the past in hopes that her words will make a difference in the lives of those who choose to listen to her voice.

Following is Donna's March 2020 Blog Post Edition of

Daring to Share Conversations With My Soul

Editor: Diana Reyers

A new month begins and it’s April Fool’s Day. I am not thinking of pranking anyone today as in previous years. I feel the universe and COVID-19 are doing a great job in that department.

The sun is beaming through my reading room window and I woke up this morning with hope and love in my heart. I have a new perspective on life and those in my life I love, including those I don’t know. I am taking in the warmth of the morning sun, and sitting and soaking it in. I find myself thinking about spring - the time of year when nature starts to wake up from its winter’s nap. The buds suddenly seen on the trees and shrubs, and the tulips and daffodils popping up through the ground to say hello. I am more aware of the senses in my physical self and the thoughts that arise in my heart about spring and what it means to me. Hope and beauty unfold even amongst the current chaos in the world, yet nature still commits to its cycle in order for me to truly enjoy it. I am grateful for this added time to slow down and become more aware of life and its blessings.

On a large scale, there is not much I can do to help the world outside my door, but what I do best is to send my love, compassion, and empathy to all I am able to. This morning in my meditation, I focused on all the beauty in life and then sent it out to the universe.

I am authentically the nurturing mother. My children have grown and moved away. So, the space that is left allows me to find other ways to share my love. I went through my contact list on my phone and texted or called people I talk to regularly and on occasion. I want them to know I am thinking of them and they are not alone.

I love to feed people, so I spent Sunday baking a couple of batches of chocolate chip cookies, using caution to disinfect everything I used to make sure every treat was being packaged with love and care. I placed them in a plastic container and set it out by my community mailbox. It is the only place I could think of to reach my neighbours with my treats; I added a note to inspire a smile and to let them know they are not alone.

On Monday, I baked again and dropped off homemade muffins to family and friends. Although I could not physically touch those I love, I gave them a hug with my baking. I chose bright yellow bags and wrote Smile, Be Safe on each bag.

I am a giver by nature and, at a time like this, I naturally want to help make people feel better. It gives me comfort to know that giving to those I know and don’t know might have a ripple effect. Just knowing they will smile and experience some happiness when they receive my baking is comforting for me.

Every day I think of ways I can send love out into my community, to my family, and into the universe to support others to calm the fears and anxiety created by the daily and challenging reality we are experiencing.

I send love to all those on the front lines helping to support those who are ill while, simultaneously, working tirelessly to prevent others from becoming ill. I send love to all those who support me to meet my daily needs. I send love to those who are affected financially. Thank you does not seem enough.

We will all get through this together and my hope is that, in the aftermath, we are changed in a way that provides us with the ability to see life in a reality that embraces more connection and love.

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