How I Found My Voice

Updated: Feb 28

by Donna Fitzgerald.

Daring to Share Conversations With My Soul.

January 2020 Edition

Welcome to the Monthly Perceptions of Donna Fitzgerald!!

Donna is a mother of two wonderful adult children who have moved forward with their own lives and paths. As the author of Chapter 6, From There to Here: Calm in Daring to Share, Volume 1, Donna shared her journey as she bravely sought calm amidst the chaos of struggling through a deep and dark storm. For years, Donna wrote what she calls Conversations With My Soul through daily journaling in order to determine who she is and how she could find the calm she yearned for. She is now inspired to share these heartfelt reflections from the past in hopes that her words will make a difference in the lives of those who choose to listen to her voice. 

Following is Donna's January 2020 Blog Post Edition of

Daring to Share Conversations With My Soul

The relationship with my soul, my inner voice, started about 18 years ago. I was broken open, experiencing loss of self, caregiver burnout, and anticipatory grief of the impending death of my husband from ALS; how was I going to raise my children and move through this terrifying time.?

After reading some self-help books, I started journaling and meditating daily. In the beginning, it was about finding a few minutes to try and stop my mind from spinning and writing out all the thoughts in my head.

In time these journal entries became conversations with myself - I was safe to express my fears, emotions, and memories knowing this was only for me to see. As I worked through my emotions, I found a gift lying deep within me, my inner voice, that intuitive knowing that I was not alone. The conversations with the little girl within me that was abused as a child to let her know I was a grown woman now and she did not need to hide. I was strong within myself. Thes were conversations of the terrifying nightmares that came with healing from my abuse and facing my abuser. They were conversations of grief and physical pain from losing my best friend and husband. Each conversation carried along with it the fear of being a single parent and raising my children to be happy and healthy and to support them in their own grief.

These conversations gave me a voice. I felt empowered in the beginning to have a say and to unfold the untruths and thoughts I perceived as real and to realize that they were not true.

I truly believe my daily conversations gave me the strength, courage, and sense of self to continue to grow and become the woman I am today. I look forward to this sacred time I set aside; some days my conversation is quick and light, while other days it may take me longer to write out my thoughts.

After all these years and my new relationship with myself, I don’t have to sit down and write in order to feel this connection. I am nudged and have thoughts and intuitive feelings that help me navigate through life. Sometimes I make the wrong decisions while learning a new lesson. I don’t feel shame or guilt because I know I can trust in and love myself even when I slip and fall.

The beauty of these soulful conversations is that I don’t feel alone. I now understand the importance of loving me and knowing that I came into this life with my soul and I will leave this life having learned to be one with the same.

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