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Updated: Nov 15, 2018

My friend, Joe Hinksman, started a movement on Instagram called #calltopost. He selects different individuals in his life and gives them a topic to post about. He contacted me and I was so honoured to participate. 🙏🙏🙏 The question assigned to me; How has your perception of gratitude shifted in light of recent events? To properly address that, dear reader, I have to take you back to 2006.

I had just suffered my first heart attack. Yes, I say first because there was another one and more health crises over the years. But I suffered a heart attack at work and was rushed to VGH. The ensuing events are blurry in my mind but, I remember the cardiologist telling me I needed surgery and how absolutely terrified I was. My friends and family rallied around me as I was prepped for surgery. Their loving words and well-wishes could not get through the abject fear I was experiencing. What if this is it? What if I don't wake up? I'm not done yet! I woke up from surgery hours later and as my awareness gradually returned, I realized I had sailed through! I was still pumped full of drugs and painkillers but I was full of pure unadulterated joy! I was so grateful to have another shot at life and to make different, less self-destructive choices. The cardiologist came into my room and gave me an excellent prognosis, with health-minded caveats of course. Still pumped full of those drugs and a renewed zest for life, she ordered me out of bed to walk the hospital corridors for 15 minutes. I was absolutely enthralled! Every corner could be a new adventure, every stranger encountered a new friend! My poor husband, charged with my safety, and rolling 2 IV poles behind me, could barely keep up as I marvelled at pop machines and engaged everyone I saw. I was so grateful to be moving, feeling, experiencing the sights and sounds and connections. So in light of recent events? This attitude of gratitude shapes the core of who I am. Ever the optimist, even in the dark I search for the bright side. In my darkest hours, I always know dawn will come. I haven't been wrong on that one yet. And when I do get into negative thinking. I stop myself and consciously think about things I'm grateful for. Number one on the list for many years now is my health. My family is way up there too! And my dog. 🐩😂 In my experience, coming from a place of gratitude attracts the most incredible, beautiful things to my life.

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