Daring to Share Reflections

Today I am reflecting back on the Island book launch and soaking in the memories of experiencing love through shared stories, hugs and tears.

Tana Heminsley was ‘there’ through the recovery of my emotional trauma. She welcomed me in at a time when I thought I knew my self so well, but at the time, not knowing how much I needed clarity about what was hiding in my soul - it’s like she had faith that I would get ‘here’ and that I just needed some human kindness to support me along the way. 9 years later, here we are standing together in Cuckoo in Coombs celebrating so much more than a book.

Nothing much really needed to be said when I arrived at my destination of truth; I just needed to trust and, confidently, ‘be’. I would never have experienced this personal victory had it not been for very extraordinary people who stepped up and encouraged me to move into the power of ‘who’ I am.

Such a magnificent feeling to trust what I feel and use it to make a loving impact on the world. Extraordinary things have and are occurring since the realization that my way of being moves through the universe like a tidal wave as it picks up like-minded people’s energy along the way and inspires a shift in others’ stories. My story could have stayed as it was, and oh how detrimental that would have been to myself and those in my path. So much gratitude to those who saw, felt and did not turn away.

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