Daring to Share Intentions

I love the stirring in this picture as it mirrors how I felt last night while being guided through an Intention Meditation with Meaghan Alton. By the end of the session, I was able to articulate the motivation that is driving me forward in this chapter of my life - my new 'From There to Here'.

I am driven forward by the vision that I am able to combine my humanitarian and business offerings to fulfill my innate need to support others on a similar path.

To be able to accomplish this while collaborating with like-minded visionaries through the spirit of simply 'being' human and being guided by moral and ethical practice is a dream come true, but also a choice I am committing to........

My Intention:

"Within every part of my life I give and receive an endless bounty by serving humanity in order to create connection and the feeling of expansion for myself and others." ~Diana Reyers xo

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