Daring to Share Compassion

The last 8 weeks have been a whirlwind of great dedication to work, creativity and the acts of being open to what comes my way and moving forward!! This has brought much opportunity my way and an abundance of dreams coming to fruition.

Within all of that, I have had to add a personal commitment to protect myself from the consequences of over-work. I have had to be mindful of, not just believing in compassion for self, but actually engaging in the act of being compassionate for myself by making choices that reflect my value of what compassion means and feels like for me ❤️

As an enthusiast who thrives on my passion for creating, I can be in my ‘drawing den’ all day while the right side of my brain works tirelessly to create the ultimate end result. Yes, some perfectionism comes in to play, but that also serves me well as I am driven by my inspiration to fulfill my vision of being impactful in this world, and to whatever degree I am given the freedom.

This can also be to my detriment as I am prone to being either ‘all in’ or ‘all out’, so I must pay attention to the compassionate piece in order to maintain a sense of balance between the left and right 🙏

And so the journey continues to be open to personal evolution while protecting self along the way....

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