Daring to Share Compassion

Within my daily life, I repeatedly hear people expressing how important it is to boycott those from their life in order to eliminate the toxic energy they bring to them.

I read messages on social media that place judgement on the person who is the apparent enemy implying that they intentionally hurt others. Quotes like:

"Those who spend time looking for the faults in others, usually spend no time to correct their own"


"Negative people are only happy when they bring you down to their level"

It saddens me to think of the pain the unconscious individual is experiencing as they manage the challenges of trying to discover the awareness needed to show up in a different way; one that can be modelled and motivated by the love of those who are advocating repulsion.

Could it be that the act of repelling them is also an act of toxicity? Does this way of being not also create toxic energy?

I feel the intense frustration of both parties, but envision a different way of responding on both sides. It is a vision that provides the more awakened individual the choice to provide compassion to the soul who is unclear about why their story is so turbulent right now; it allows the more evolved person the ability to create space to model an ethical way of being by providing a loving space for the other to personally transform. Just as judgement can grow from toxic energy, so can acceptance grow from loving energy.

Having been at the receiving and the giving end of this, to be able to show up as a mindful mentor by simply 'being' compassionate in order to be there for another is one of the most rewarding experiences I have ever moved through. For me, It required letting go of being right and accepting that no one is wrong. There will always be someone who walks through their evolution slower or faster than I do, and I am incredibly grateful to those who provided me with the compassion I needed by being patient and changing their pace for me.

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