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Updated: Sep 12, 2018


Connection is a conscious driving force for me as I am continuously reminded of the impact it has on my emotional survival. It is astounding how the universe has a way of sending messages that guide me towards connection, whether it be a connection to myself or others. These are the times when I need to slow down and listen - listen to the whispers along the way that take me to a place of truth and my Authentic and Best Self; my happy place. 

For me, this inner guide is most effective when it shows up within its opposing feeling of disconnect through physical and emotional responses. They are the red flags that warn me that I need to take the time to be mindful of what or who is not in line with my values in that moment or time in my life - usually it's me and my avoidance of of showing up true to my beliefs in response to something or someone. I feel detached from myself and everyone around me, and I suffer emotionally.

When we feel disconnected, it initially presents as a somatic or physical response like a headache, sweating, stomach ache and sleeplessness, among many more. This physical discomfort provides us with a choice to listen and slow down in order to take the time to determine what is not right in our world. If we choose to ignore this physical warning, we will soon receive a second chance with a message presented within a wide range of emotions including but, not limited to, fear, anger, sadness and frustration; you will know what yours is. If we override both of these natural warning signals, we will quickly move into the vortex of inauthenticity and show up in the world that represents the chaotic thinking we have now created. There is no turning back as we need to ride out the journey of indecisiveness and self-deception.

What I just described is the ''The Arc of Intense Energy' created by Tana Heminsley of Authentic Leadership Global™ It is one of the most effective and pragmatic mindfulness tools I use both personally and professionally, and it requires acute emotional and social intelligence. When we use it the 'Arc' to determine what our truth is, we discover a whole new normal, one that includes emotional and social intelligence and takes us to a place of respect for our uniqueness and that honours the same in others. We are able to place our ego on the shelf and release judgement of ourselves and others.

Being emotionally intelligent requires the ability to be aware of how our own way of being affects how we respond to our inner talk, to other's behaviour and to our surroundings.  Practicing emotional intelligence provides us with clarity about 'who' we are from the inside out.

Being socially intelligent enables us to take that decisiveness to the next level as we are mindful about how our choices affect ourselves, as well as, the people in our lives and the entire world. We understand how we affect, not only ourselves, but everyone and everything we are connect to.  

Emotional Intelligence + Social Intelligence = Authenticity

Being both emotionally and socially aware is the first step towards leading an Authentic life. Once we are mindful about how we affect both ourselves and others, we have the ability to choose to consider all those involved within our decision-making. This allows us to be choiceful about how we want to respond in line with our values and beliefs while honouring the same in others; we respond with consideration for everyone involved by showing up as an Authentic Leader.  We create the feeling of collaboration with our inner selves and with those who cross our path and beyond. This in turn nurtures our sous and provides us with purpose and fulfillment, and we feel connected again; we no longer suffer emotionally.

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