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Updated: Jun 13, 2020

Daring to Share:

Conversations With My Soul

April 28, 2020 Edition

Welcome to Perceptions by

Donna Fitzgerald!!

Donna is a mother of two wonderful adult children who have moved forward with their own lives and paths. As the author of Chapter 6, From There to Here: Calm in Daring to Share, Volume 1, Donna shared her journey as she bravely sought calm amidst the chaos of struggling through a deep and dark storm. For years, Donna wrote what she calls Conversations With My Soul through daily journaling in order to determine who she is and how she could find the calm she yearned for. She is now inspired to share these heartfelt reflections from the past in hopes that her words will make a difference in the lives of those who choose to listen to her voice.

Following is Donna's April 2020 Blog Post Edition of

Daring to Share Conversations With My Soul

Editor: Diana Reyers

It is a beautiful sunny morning outside my tranquil space I have set up for myself in my home. This is where I spend most of my days now. This space is where I come to think, meditate, journal, write, read, check-in on family/friends, and listen to music. A space that, a few months ago, was just another room in my house has become the most important room in my house.

I pulled an affirmation card today about peacefulness and living from my heart. I read it this morning and it touched me deeply and it has so much more meaning in the world we are living in right now.

I have not written in a few weeks feeling uninspired and trying to create a new routine and normal from within my home. I have been feeling more heart centred and connected to my inner soul because I have the time to meditate and just be in the moment.

For the past week, I have been feeling a sense of wanting to do more, to reach out to those who are struggling emotionally. Those who are not used to being faced with their emotions, feelings that are arising from this time of disruption in all aspects of life. My heart is wanting to hold each soul tightly and say it will be OK you will get through this painful time. You will grow and experience more awareness within you then you knew before the COVID-19 restrictions.

I sat in mediation this morning thinking what can I do to help those that are struggling my heart feeling sad and a tear running down my face knowing that there are so many people just trying to get through the next minute, hour, day. My inner voice says write. You express yourself through the written word.

I am feeling emotion from my past when I experienced caregiver burnout and I lost myself within that role and how terrifying it was to not to know who you are. The emotion for me now is not for me but for all those across the world that are finding themselves in the place I was and how scary it was to truly lose myself. Putting everyone ahead of myself when I was the one that needed to be first, so I had the strength to maintain the obligations and family duties I had in life. I like many other people felt if I put myself first, I was being selfish. As I reached out to people in my life to ask them if they could tell me who I was I finally realized only I could know that for sure and I had a choice to make. I chose to do whatever it took to find Donna.

My heart is going out to all those that are feeling, lost, scared, isolated, and alone it is not a great place to be. I would like to reach out to everyone and hug them and say it will be OK. We will get there together one step at a time.

My self-care rituals have given me the strength to face every obstacle that I have had to experience and to learn the lesson it was here to teach me. My biggest gift to myself was setting aside time to write my thoughts down and to sit with them and acknowledge they were there, and it was ok to feel what I was feeling. It felt good to get all the thoughts onto a page that somehow made them more real and I no longer was carrying them within me. I started to exercise to take care of my body. I used to run early in the morning because that is the only time, I had to myself. Also, I did not want to see all my wobbly bits bouncing back and forth. Every step was hard, was determined to make choices that helped me become stronger for myself and my family. Meditation became a daily time to quiet the outside world.

That was over 15 years ago now. I had the courage and love for myself to support my husband until his death from ALS and face my childhood abuse that was opened in a split second while caregiving for my husband. I believe I had set an intention for myself to face everything head on to find Donna and the universe listened and in a split second I was given another really hard lesson to learn love and forgiveness.

I feel what I am trying to express today is that the world around us feels very dark and scary now. This time with COVID-19 is giving us all time to pause, re-evaluate what is truly important in life. Living from an open and loving heart with compassion and empathy for humanity is where I want to live my life. It has been tremendously hard at times but would not change a thing because I sit here in my favorite room in my house with the sun shining in the window and know that we will all feel the love and the sunshine to come in the months to come. I believe in humanity!

Sharing this post is #daringtoshare and will inspire the feeling of connection

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