A Memoir


Diana Reyers

Around The Table

Escaping The Cycle Of Insanity

Around The Table: Escaping The Cycle Of Insanity is a candid memoir written through the lens of Diana’s past and present emotional trauma. She begins this detailed story, taking you through the terrifying experience of spilling her milk while sitting around the dinner table as a child. Through her unique creative writing and explicit descriptive scenes, she connects you to the mind of a young girl who felt controlled by God. As a struggling teenager, she shares the agonizing dichotomy of defining love until moving into adulthood when she inspires her reader by trusting her soul—boldly choosing to defy the consequences of generational Hierarchy. This account is her perception of a decades-long battle defending being right and finally and courageously accepting being wrong while managing to escape the cycle of insanity.

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Diana Reyers is the Founder of

Daring to Share Global™


She is an Author, Editor & Publisher,

Authentic Writing  Coach and Self-Publishing Coach,

and an Accredited Authentic Leadership Global™

Program & Conversation™ Facilitator

She is the publisher and co-author of the

Top 10 Bestselling Daring to Share Anthologies

8 Brave Souls

There to Here

Trauma to Recovery

Deception to Truth

Chaos to Calm

Diana is also the creator of the

DTS MasterClass Series,

and in collaboration with Tana Heminsley,

the Bestselling Self-Guide Writing Workbook,

Daring to Share Your Story:

An Authentic Writing Guide & Journal

Diana's mandate is to

Connect Humanity Through the Art of Storytelling

As an Authenticity Coach,

she supports others to write their memoirs through self-discovery

by utilizing her experience and expertise as a certified

Authentic Leadership Global™

Program and Conversation Facilitator.

Diana's Inner Purpose Guide is Connection.

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