Diana is the inspiration behind the

Daring to Share Global™ Movement to

Connect Humanity Through the Art of Storytelling.

As an Authenticity Coach, she incorporates her expertise as a certified Authentic Leadership Global™

Program and Conversation Facilitator within 

Authentic Writing & Memoir Self-Publishing Coaching.

Diana's Inner Purpose Guide is Truth.

She can be contacted at

Diana Reyers:
Founder of Daring to Share Global™
Publisher, Editor & Author, Volume 1

Scott is Diana's right-hand business partner supporting all things Daring to Share.

He is the backbone of the DTS Community Storytelling Event program and takes great pride in his enthusiastic role as Master of Ceremonies at our Storytelling and Book Launch Events.

Scott's Inner Purpose Guide is Integrity.

  He can be contacted at

Scott De Freitas-Graff:
Events Advisor, Social Media Master &
Author, Volume 1

John is a Personal Empowerment Coach, Counsellor and Tarot Reader & Daring to Share's greatest cheerleader as he tirelessly supports our Social Activist Division through The Movement. He is an accomplished writer, speaker, storyteller, and a Human Advocate to the ultimate degree. John begins the year 2020 as a monthly blog contributor while also managing our DTS Guest Blog Program.

John's Inner Purpose Guide is Belonging.

He can be contacted at

or through his website at

John De Freitas:
Program Advisor Author, Volume 1

Donna provides Diana with feelings of ease and balance created through the conversation and connection inspired by their long-time friendship and understanding of one another.

Donna keeps Diana organized by managing her books and she happily jumps in to support DTS wherever needed.

Donna's Inner Purpose Guide is Calm.

Donna can be contacted at

Donna Fitzgerald:
Administrative Advisor,
Author, Volume 1 

Gauri Harrison is the owner of Islander Media, and our "go to" gal for all things website and Google related. As a presenter at a Daring to Share Event on Vancouver Island, Gauri has a very special place in her heart for what the Daring to Share Global community is doing across Canada. You can reach Gauri for your own digital projects, and to learn more about her experience Daring to Share here:

Gauri Harrison - Islander Mediadia
Digital Support Team, Website Magician 
Vancouver Island. 

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Barbara Niven of Chesapeake Shores
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