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Daring to Share Your Story


Level 2

An 8-Week Online


Self-Discovery & Writing Program

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Diana Reyers, founder of Daring to Share Global, bestselling author of 4 Daring to Share collaborative books, publisher, editor, and Daring to Share Writing Coach has created an online in-person group program supporting individuals seeking authentic self-discovery using writing as a daily practice with the intention to complete a 5000-word first draft of your story.​

John De Freitas and Hannah Lambeck are our Daring to Share Authentic Writing Coaches and accredited Authentic Leadership Global™ Program & Conversation Facilitators.

Work with our facilitators as they guide you through this successfully proven, step-by-step Authentic Self-Discovery & Writing Program, towards a more authentic way of living, sharing and writing the Daring to Share way.​ ​

Daring to Share Your Story

Level 2


Move through this 8-week cathartic process and use daily writing to inspire newfound self-awareness. Our coaches support you to explore and share how you feel and the insights you discover while writing your story. Each week, experience an amplified feeling of connection with self as you journal and then write your story, discovering and showing up as the unique person you are today with confidence and ease.

Notebook and Fountain Pen

Daring to Share Your Story 


Authentic Self-Discovery & Writing Program:


8 Weeks Beginning

Wednesday, April 21, 2021


with Hannah Lambeck

9 am pst | 10 am mdt | 11 am cst | 12 pm est | 6 pm cst

(limited to 10 participants per group)

Hannah Lambeck,
People Enthusiast;
Daring to Share Authentic Writing Coach;
Authentic Leadership Global™
Program & Conversation Facilitator;
Trainer & Coach for Intercultural Competence and Personal Development

The Daring to Share program is a unique and supportive writing program. I learned to write from my heart, not my ego. It teaches forgiveness, kindness, non judgement and helps you reveal your story from your soul. Diana is very supportive and helps guide you through your writing process from beginning to end. Along my writing journey, by following the guidelines in the workbook my story just flowed and came from my heart. I highly recommend this writing program and will be forever grateful to Diana for her time, support and love. Diana’s passion for writing is palpable and I thank her for helping me tell my story.

~ Maureen Rooney,


Trauma & Paediatric Nurse,

Self-Published Daring to Share Author,

A Child's Nightcap: My Soul's Survival Story

Severn, Ontario, Canada

The Daring To Share writing program created by the amazing Diana Reyers is more than just a way to get your story down on paper. As it is correctly called, it is a journey of self-discovery. It provides the structure that is needed to tell your story in a meaningful and creative way. I have absolutely no idea how I would have written and published my recently released memoire without this format. To say that Diana is an incredible editor is an understatement. Her empathy, expertise, guidance, professionalism, and compassion for my story was amazing. She was able to “keep my feet to the fire” with regard to making sure I was true to my goal and that the content was always on point, but also that it captured the emotions

I was experiencing...

~ Erin LeBlanc,

Self-Published Daring to Share Author, Stranger in the Mirror: The Search for Me

Ottawa, Ontario, Canada

I feel I have been very blessed in meeting Diana Reyers. I believe that Diana understood me through my writing. Her very proficient art of editing and writing skills pushed me to believe in myself and that I have a voice to be heard. Thank you for your patience and challenges of working with a new writer!

~ Cynthia Carpenter,

Kelowna BC, Canada

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