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Daring to Share Your Story


Level 1

A 4-Week Online


Self-Discovery & Journaling 


As the founder of Daring to Share Global,

bestselling author of 4

Daring to Share collaborative books, publisher,

editor, writing coach,

Diana Reyers created an online in-person group program

supporting individuals seeking authentic self-discovery

using journaling as a daily practice with the intention to

begin articulating who you are in the written word.

This is the Daring to Share introductory program,

sharing the first steps toward an

authentic way of living and writing through the 

art of conversation and journaling.

Working with an accredited 

Daring to Share Authentic Writing Coach & Authentic Leadership Global

Program & Conversation Facilitator,

 you receive the support you need, guiding you through

this successfully proven, step-by-step

Authentic Self-Discovery & Writing Program

Daring to Share Your Story

Level 1 

Move through this 4-week cathartic process and use

journaling to support your newfound self-awareness.

You will be inspired to explore and share how you feel and the insights you discover along the way.

Experience an amplified feeling of connection with self

as you journal through each week, discovering  and showing up as the unique person you are today with

confidence and ease. 

Notebook and Pen
Anchor 1

Daring to Share Your Story 


Authentic Self-Discovery & Journaling Program:

4 Weeks Beginning

Saturday, March 17, 2021

with Hannah Lambeck

9 am pst | 10 am mdt | 11 am cst | 12 am est | 6 pm cet

(limited to 10 participants per group)

Hannah Lambeck,
People Enthusiast;
Daring to Share Authentic Writing Coach;
Authentic Leadership Global™
Program & Conversation Facilitator;
Trainer & Coach for Intercultural Competence and Personal Development

I am true testament to this writing program... Some were meant to write, journaling all their innermost feelings, revealing in the pain and beauty of every waking moment. That’s not me.. Diana taught me that, not only was writing cathartic, it was also a wonderfully harrowing process. From a word, to sentences, to pages, to the realization that my writings have power! I am a writer!

~ Stacie Royds-Kirkpatrick

St. Catharines, Ontario, Canada

Thank you both, Diana and John, for sharing this incredibly enlightening experience with me; I look forward to continuing this journey in the future. I highly recommend this program to ANYBODY. You don’t have to have suffered abuse or had any type of trauma in your life to benefit from it - it would benefit anyone who wants to find more clarity or direction in their life through body, mind, and spirit! Bravo to the hard work you’ve all put into producing not only the books but also this program. I was honoured to be a part of it.

~ Susie Koval

Kingston, Ontario, Canada

This authentic writing workshop brought me back to a place of self-awareness and peace within myself! I loved every aspect of it and would highly recommend this program to anyone seeking emotional clarity before embarking on any form of personal writings. Soul searching, inner balance, boundaries, and acceptance of self all came up for  me in relatable and the most rewarding ways!

~ Juney Frederick

Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada


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