I had the pleasure of meeting my dear friend and mentor, Diana Reyers, in 2016. I have a small event’s planning and consulting business, and she requested a meeting to discuss an up-coming event. I had no idea that when I agreed to the meeting, she would become one of my closest friends. As she described Daring to Shareit became very apparent that community and connection were something she was very passionate about. In terms of the nuts and bolts of the event, I expressed to her that it sounded like she had everything under control so, what did she need me for? “To share a story,” she laughed. I immediately agreed to be a storyteller at that very first Daring to Shareevent here in Oceanside.

Diana is driven, practical, passionate, organized, and also one of the most loving, caring, compassionate people I know. She will wear herself ragged as she always makes herself available to her tribe, as a friend, a mentor, a coach or, sometimes just a friendly ear. Her laugh and enthusiasm are as contagious as her easy smile. As a fellow Meyers-Briggs’ ENFP, we have this incredible synergy. No goal too lofty, we shoot for the stars!

This book came to fruition because of her drive and her passion and I am very honoured to be a part of it and feel very blessed to be part of Diana’s world. Knowing her has changed the trajectory of my life in so many ways and I remain forever grateful.

In Daring to Share, Volume 1, Diana shares her personal story of

'From There to Here' and how she discovered the feeling of Truth

Scott De Freitas-Graff


Diana Reyers is a Connector and Human Advocate. All her life she craved and discovered the healing power of community and human connection. She believes experiencing discomfort is necessary for emotional survival and growth. 


“One Uncomfortable Conversation Provides Ten Years of Wisdom.”

~ Diana Reyers


Diana considers herself an equal amongst humanity. She knows that committing to leading an authentic life requires great courage and can be lonely at times. Using truth as her guide, she is empowered to show up as her best self, void of self-deception and judgment. Her greatest victory is persevering past false perceptions in order to experience connection by escaping the chaos of expectation, a place so dark she often felt she would never be freed from its imprisonment. 

As a storyteller and writer, Daringly Mindful Diana shares her stories of grabbing her courage to choose personal truth while disclosing all the trade-offs along the way. She celebrates her victories and, unapologetically includes her U-turns and imperfections with humour, humility and grace. Diana Reyers Connects Humanity Through The Art of Storytelling by bravely sharing her Truth with the world.


Connect with Diana

Website/Blog: | Twitter:@dianareyers Instagram:@daretosharepqb



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