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Join Our Movement By Connecting Humanity One Story at a Time

It all began in the fall of 2016 when Diana Reyers and Scott De Freitas-Graff chose to have a meaningful conversation that transpired into sharing their most vulnerable stories which in turn created deep human connection and a long-lasting friendship

Diana was so impacted by how storytelling through conversation amplified the feeling of connection that she created 3 Volumes of Collaborative Books within 2 years. She shared beautiful stories describing uncomfortable, yet celebratory journeys of  'From There to Here' by transcribing conversations with people she met into the written word

as published collections of mini memoirs

While Diana and the brave authors of the Daring to Share trilogy worked tirelessly to write their stories, the Event came to fruition when we realized that members of our community wanted to share their stories with their only intention being to inspire others. Just as Diana did in the books, Scott created a safe place for them to share their stories by using their voice, in person and in a trusted environment.  So many people want to share their stories and we need your support!!! It is time for the Daring to Share Movement to inspire communities in other parts of the world....

Daring to Share is a Movement touching cities around the world as we invite global authentic leaders to create safe in-person spaces for members of their community to inspire the

personal empowerment that comes with sharing stories the Daring to Share way.

If you are interested in joining our Team by hosting Daring to Share Storytelling Events

in your city, contact Scott De Freitas-Graff

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