Meet Diana Reyers

Diana can be best summed up with one word - Authentic. She is a true beacon for living a life built by design, not by default, and her ability to stir others through a simple conversation is pure magic.


Life is made up of a series of twists and turns and along that journey are patches of wilderness that must be navigated in order to find one's authentic self. Diana shows us that this fountain of authentic youth can happen at any age, provided that the journey is committed, and the heart is open.


Growth can happen alone or through simple conversations with strangers; we all have a story to tell, and through that sharing, we grow. Nobody better exemplifies this than Ms. Reyers and her ability to draw human souls together as one by the simple act of sharing and conversation and storytelling.


Jim Gardiner, Performance Coach -  Life | Wellness | Business | TV host and creator of 

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