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Daring to Share

Authentic Conversation

Video Series

Diana Reyers, founder of Daring to Share Global, bestselling author of

6 Daring to Share  books, publisher, editor, writing & self-discovery coach

and Executive Producer of

the Daring to Share Documentary, There to Here,

presents an

Authentic Conversation Video Series sharing world views

with John De Freitas as your host

Daring to Share Global™ is fully stepping into uncomfortable conversations  that honour the diversity of authentic self.  As always, we honour who people are, rather than their labels.  We respect others' opinions, values, and beliefs, and our continued mandate is to provide you with content that inspires you to be who you are with confidence and ease.

This is your opportunity to participate in and experience views about

uncomfortable topics in ways that honour the diversity of others.


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Authentic Conversations Video Series

This is the Daring to Share

Authentic Conversations Video Series


Interviews Hosted By

John De Freitas

Accepting the Evolution of Genders

Featuring Erin LeBlanc & Olli Vidal

Erin LeBlanc, author of

Stranger in the Mirror: The Search For Me, and

Olli Vidal, co-author of

Daring to Share

Chaos to Calm: Awakenings Through Covid

Exploring Equality

Featuring Don Tecson

Host of Queer View Mirror

Searching for Belonging

Featuring Donna Fitzgerald

co-author of Daring to Share There to Here, Volume 1 | 2nd Edition

Turning Within

Featuring Scott De Freitas-Graff

co-author of Daring to Share There to Here, Volume 1 | 2nd Edition


From Victim to Hero

Featuring Julie Gauthier

co-author of Daring to Share Chaos to Calm: 

Awakenings Through Covid

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